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Our Point of View

by MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver


Oct-Nov 2011 


To our state employee members: Hang in there. You have suffered more than enough at the hands of the 2011 Tea Party dominated legislature that apparently wished you would all just go away.


There was absolutely NO fiscal justification for the legislature to freeze your base salaries for two more years. None whatsoever. Montana has plenty of cash in the bank. You should be very angry.


So, help us—your union. Help us recruit, support, and elect a legislature that respects the work you do and wants to reward the everyday contributions you make to the quality of life all Montanans have come to expect.


To our university faculty members: Good for you.


You are making progress at your respective bargaining unit tables. But had this same Tea Party dominated legislature cared about student and family debt, it would have appropriated sufficient and available funds to preclude the need for the board of regents to step in with a big increase in student tuition.


So, help us—your union. Help us recruit, support, and elect a legislature that believes the insidious privatization of public higher education is a frontal assault on low and middle income families as they and their children strive for something better at a price they can afford.


To our k-12 public school teacher members: YOU are at serious risk.


Yes, YOU.


As you know, this very year, Tea Party dominated legislatures across this nation terminated teacher tenure; blew up teacher retirement defined benefit plans; mandated merit pay; expanded school privatization through tax credits, pay vouchers, and charter schools; and knifed collective bargaining in the back.


At one point or another, to a greater or lesser degree, the Tea Party dominated 2011 Montana Legislature entertained every last one of these radical, anti-government, anti-public school, anti-teacher ideas.


So, help us—your union. Help us recruit, support, and elect a legislature that believes a war on teachers and public schools will do absolutely nothing to better educate our children and enhance our school communities. Nothing.


To all our members: Your union, MEA-MFT, has never wavered one iota in defense and promotion of the quality work you do that matters, your salaries, your health care, and your retirement.


But your union is no abstraction. Your union is YOU. You and I and all of us must now stand united together or we will go the way of Florida or Idaho or Wisconsin.


Required reading: MEA-MFT Voting Record. If you haven’t read this yet…read it now. Click here. (It takes a moment to load.)


Here you will find unbiased, unadulterated results. Notwithstanding curious, self-serving complaints to the contrary, legislators earn their voting records all by themselves. It is your duty to see what they have earned.


And then, help us recruit, support, and elect a legislature dramatically different from the 2011 Tea Party dominated legislature that chose harm first.


Want to help and don’t know where to start? E-mail me -- -- and I will get you going.