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Public Employees:
What MEA-MFT offers you

Better salaries & working conditions: MEA-MFT works year-round to improve salaries and benefits for all public employee members through collective bargaining.


We won significant pay raises for state employees in recent legislative sessions. With Montana's current state revenue crisis, MEA-MFT has its work cut out to make sure decision-makers do the right thing for public employees.


Protecting you, your job, your family: Our highly skilled staff help members resolve all kinds of work-related issues. Their help is free to MEA-MFT members. Click here to contact field staff.

Better public support: Montana's nationally acclaimed Work That Matters campaign shows how public employees contribute to Montana's economy and communities. It's part of our effort to build public support for our members and the valuable work you do.

Professional development: MEA-MFT offers conferences and workshops especially for public employees on topics such as communication skills, workplace conflict, interview skills, time and stress management, workplace safety, and more. We also offer leadership training, labor-management relations, grievance processing, and contract negotiation.

These events are free as part of your membership.


Member benefits: Through our two national affiliates, MEA-MFT offers valuable member benefits programs with low-cost, high-quality insurance and discounts for you and your family.


Better labor-management relations: MEA-MFT negotiated the creation of a Labor-Management Training Initiative to help management and labor leaders in Montana solve problems amiably.


Better retirement: By lobbying the state legislature, MEA-MFT has won several cost-of-living increases (Guaranteed Annual Benefit Adjustment) for retirees in the Public Employee Retirement System and Teachers Retirement System.

Your voice in issues that affect you: Politicians affect every aspect of your job. MEA-MFT is at the legislature every day when it is in session to make sure your concerns are represented.


We are your union. You have a voice: MEA-MFT's Board of Directors includes several public employee members, giving a voice to all public employees members.


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