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What your membership in
MEA-MFT Retired offers you:

How to join MEA-MFT Retired :

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Seminars, benefits, discounts, information, a voice, and protecting your retirement. They're all part of what your MEA-MFT Retired membership offers.

Retirement seminars
MEA-MFT holds seminars and workshops across the state periodically for our retired and “pre-retired” members.

These events guide you through:

  • Pre-retirement financial planning.
  • Your benefits under TRS, PERS, or OPR/TIAA-CREF retirement programs.
  • How to make the most of NEA Member Benefits and AFT Plus benefits for retired members.
  • Legislative updates.
  • Post-retirement health care options.

Special benefits and discounts

  • You can save hundreds of dollars a year with your NEA and AFT member benefits. Examples:
  • Long-term care insurance.
  • High-return CDs and money market accounts.
  • Medicare supplement programs.
  • Term and guaranteed issue life insurance plans.
  • Low-cost, high-value credit cards.
  • Homeowners and renters insurance.
  • Long-term disability and accidental death/dismemberment insurance.
  • Discounts on magazine subscriptions, travel, and much more.
  • ID theft protection.
  • Credit counseling.

Info and news you can use

MEA-MFT Retired members receive regular publications including NEA Today, NEA Retired, and MEA-MFT Today, featuring timely retirement topics.

Your voice

MEA-MFT Retired members have the strength of our union to help them with concerns about pension benefit adĀ­justments, threats to Social Security, health care costs, and other retirement issues. MEA-MFT gives you a strong voice in policies that affect you.

We work closely with the legislature, Montana Teachers Retirement System, Public Employee Retirement System, and other entities that affect you.

MEA-MFT helps elect people who value public education and our retired members.

MEA-MFT Retired members elect a state chair and vice chair, both of whom sit on the MEA-MFT board of directors. Retired members participate actively in MEA-MFT's representative assembly, helping establish policies and programs.

Protecting your retirement

MEA-MFT has worked tirelessly for years to protect and enhance public employee and teacher retirement assets and benefits. We have the duty and opportunity to do so. Read about our success in protecting our members' retirement. And remember: we can only continue succeeding when we all work together!