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Teaching: The First Weeks and Beyond

Classroom Organization

Classroom Managment

Developing Instructional Routines

Handling Disruptive Students

Discipline in Specific Situations

Encouraging Cooperations

Grading and Report Cards

Parent Conferences

Building a Professional Image

Preparing for a Substitute

Dealing with Dangerous Students

Links to Professional Resources

Improving Teaching: Tips and Standards

Good Advice from Montana Teachers

Advice about Your Employment

Managing Your Money

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Advice About Your Employment

Professional papers


 Every educator should have a "professional papers" file that includes records and documents relating to your employment status. Get started by finding your letter of employment and placing it in a safe place right now. You can check off the other items listed below as you collect them to save.

  • Your letter of employment

  • Your teaching certificate

  • Recertification units & credits

  • Salary step up credits

  • College transcripts

  • Your teaching contract and any supplemental contracts

  • Records relating to retirement benefits

  • Leave records

  • NEA Liability Insurance Policy

  • Copies of your teaching schedule and assignments

  • Your school system's salary schedule and your yearly salary notice

  • Any correspondence to or from the school administration

  • Any letters of reprimand or praise

  • Resumes of any conferences with supervisors

  • All professional evaluations

  • Documentation of awards, commendations, or honors you receive

  • Records of any job-related seminars, workshops or conferences you attend

  • Letters to and from parents

  • Brief accounts of parent conferences

  • Record of any incidents that may increase your liability, such as disciplinary actions, student accidents and so forth.

  • Proof of your membership in MEA-MFT, NEA, AFT, and your local MEA-MFT affiliate

  • Local affiliate master contract

  • School calendar

  • System policy on discipline