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Teaching: The First Weeks and Beyond

Classroom Organization

Classroom Managment

Developing Instructional Routines

Handling Disruptive Students

Discipline in Specific Situations

Encouraging Cooperations

Grading and Report Cards

Parent Conferences

Building a Professional Image

Preparing for a Substitute

Dealing with Dangerous Students

Links to Professional Resources

Improving Teaching: Tips and Standards

Good Advice from Montana Teachers

Advice about Your Employment

Managing Your Money

MEA-MFT Contacts


About MEA-MFT and How We Can Help You Succeed

  • MEA-MFT is your professional association.

  • We are here to help you succeed and grow as a teacher.

  • MEA-MFT is your voice!

MEA-MFT is a powerful voice for your rights, your students, and your working conditions - whether it's in your community, at school board meetings, in the news media, before the Board of Public Education, or in the Montana Legislature.


When MEA-MFT speaks about education, Montana listens. They listen because we represent over 16,000 hard-working teachers and public employees who have made public service their chosen profession.


MEA-MFT members own their own association. When you join MEA-MFT, you know your colleagues and co-workers are all behind you. You are a member of a team that is working to ensure the future of public education in Montana and in our nation.


MEA-MFT's core services to Montana teachers include:

  • Professional development conference and workshops

  • Research and publications

  • Leadership training

  • Legal services

  • Financial services

  • Health and life insurance options

  • Lobbying on issues that affect kids and teachers

  • Protection of your rights and working conditions through bargaining, etc.

  • We hope you will take advantage of what MEA-MFT membership can offer you!

To join MEA-MFT