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Teaching: The First Weeks

Classroom Organization

Classroom Management

Developing Instructional Routines

Handling Disruptive Students

Discipline in Specific Situations

Encouraging Cooperation

Grading and Report Cards

Parent Conferences

Building a Professional Image

Preparing for a Substitute

Dealing with Dangerous Students

Links to Professional Resources

Improving Teaching: Tips and Standards

Good Advice from Montana Teachers

Advice about Your Employment

Managing Your Money
Back-to-School Tips

Help Paying your Student Loan

MEA-MFT Contacts


Advice and Support for Successful Induction and Survival in Teaching (ASSIST)

MEA-MFT New Teacher ASSIST is a web-based guidebook for new teachers hired in Montana.


We hope you find New Teacher ASSIST to be useful and we welcome your comments and suggestions for future updates!


Good luck! (Our thanks to the North Carolina Association of Educators, the Florida Education Association, and the American Federation of Teachers ER&D Program for many of the materials included on this site.)


MEA-MFT is pleased to welcome you to the profession of teaching. You are now part of a noble and proud Montana tradition of excellence in education. Part of our job at MEA-MFT is to help you carry on that tradition.


New Teacher ASSIST is our on-line guide help you face the demands and pressures of early career teaching.


Too often, Montana kids and schools lose good people like you because quite frankly, our profession doesn't always provide the support and attention you need to succeed in your career.


MEA-MFT is working to change that in many ways: by sponsoring mentoring programs; by conducting classroom management and other useful workshops at our annual Educators' Conference (held each October on the 3rd Thursday and Friday of the month); and by working to provide better salaries and working conditions for all Montana teachers.


The tips in this on-line guide come from veteran teachers and from research. In this, your first year of teaching, we encourage you to ask questions, be in touch, and let us know how we can help you become the very best you can be.


Finally, a disclaimer. The first year of teaching is difficult. Please don't ever assume that this simple guide or list of suggestions is the only help or advice you will need. Do not be afraid to talk to colleagues, ask for a mentor, request additional help, or simply lean on a friend to express frustration, confusion, fears, and failures. All teachers have felt the same, no matter how professional or effective they seem to be now.


As a union of professionals, it is our responsibility to mentor and assist our newest members. Please don't give up on yourself before asking for that assistance! Contact your local union leader any time.

Thank you for accepting the challenge of becoming a Montana teacher. We are pleased to call you a colleague. -- Eric Feaver, MEA-MFT President


The society that turns its back on its teachers has ceased to be a society. -- Former Governor Marc Racicot