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Amazing Wanda Grinde


Montana Rep. Wanda Grinde is retired after teaching for many years. This is her third term as a Montana legislator.


This session, Wanda chairs the House Education Committee, which she does with fairness, aplomb, and deep commitment to public education. Quite a switch from Constitution Party legislator Rick Jore, who chaired that committee in 2007!



What I do, and why it matters: Every minute of a public employee’s day depends on a decision made by some elected official. I can make a difference by supporting education funding and sound education policy in the state Legislature.



Best kind of day on the job: Every day is a good day, but the best ones, of course, are when I’m helping someone else.



Why I belong to MEA-MFT: I’ve been an MEA-MFT member for 30+ years. I have a huge network of member friends and I know what a difference MEA-MFT can make to public employees by standing together and speaking with a united voice.



What I do for fun/ what I dream about: I like to travel, work in the yard and garden, and collect and restore antiques. I dream about having more time for hobbies and travel.



Family/community involvement: I’ve spent the last three decades of my life being involved in organizations that help young people, such as Little League, 4-H, and PTA. I’m an active participant in political groups and am involved in the Heights Neighborhood Task Force in Billings.



Good book: My favorite book of all time is Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley. I think it’s time to re-read it.


Hopes/ambitions for the 2009 Legislature: My biggest hope is that the 2009 Legislature will work together on progressive policy making that will benefit education, provide health care for all Montanans, and establish energy conservation measures.


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