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Keeping Montanans safe


Amazing Member Sherry Davidson-Glovan

March/April 2005


Sherry Davidson-Glovan works as an investigative technician at Montana State Prison (MSP) in Deer Lodge. As an active member of Local 4700, she is a union steward and serves on the labor management and broadband committees.


Sherry recently married Stanley Glovan, a correctional officer at MSP and another MEA-MFT member. He has been serving in Iraq along with one of Sherry's three sons.


What I do and why it matters: We do criminal investigation in corrections for the whole state of Montana. It's the law enforcement side of corrections. A co-worker and I assist two investigators on criminal cases that happen within the Department of Corrections (DOC), whether it involves inmates, visitors, or staff.


These investigations may include homicide, drugs, fraud, corruption, official misconduct, theft, and complex financial and internal agency investigation.


We work with other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. My co-worker and I also test all inmate urine samples for drug abuse and monitor inmate phone calls.


My work matters because we make people accountable for criminal activities that happen at Montana State Prison or other DOC agencies. It's a public safety issue; it is also a safety issue for staff and inmates.


I'm a third-generation corrections staff member. My grandmother worked at the women's prison when it was in Deer Lodge, and my dad retired as a security major after working here for 35 years. My "bonus mother," Linda, has worked at MSP for over 30 years. I kind of grew up in corrections.


Work tip: I always try to remember that a smile goes a long way and a positive attitude works. Sometimes what I see does break my heart, but I leave my work here when I go home for the day.


What I do for fun: I used to work three to five jobs; I quit the extra jobs when I got married. I do a lot of things with my 10-year-old son. I like calligraphy. I love hockey and used to play with my kids when we lived in Alaska.


Why I belong to MEA-MFT: The union gives us a strong voice with management. I believe my communication skills and ability to see both sides fairly allow me to help our members while building trust and communication with management.


Best part of my job: A lot has changed in our field of work, but the people I work with will always be the best part of my job. I will always remember the people. It's a unique field, and I'm really proud to be part of it.


What I dream about: I want my husband and son to come home safely with all the other heroes fighting overseas. [Editor's note: Since our interview with Sherry, her husband has been home on leave.]

Thanks, Sherry, for doing the work that matters for Montana's people!


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