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Like mother, like daughter


Teaching is a family tradition for Patty Muir and her daughter, Amy. So is activism in MEA-MFT.


Patty, a middle school special education teacher in Laurel, has taught for 30 years.


Amy Muir teaches first grade special education in Lockwood. She is in her third year of teaching.


Patty, a member of the MEA-MFT Board of Directors, has been active in her union at the local, state, and national levels for many years.


Patty & Amy Muir were photographed at MEA-MFT's 2008 Summer Conference.


Amy got involved in MEA-MFT as a member of Student MEA-MFT in college. "She loves the opportunities it has afforded me, and she loves the opportunities it has afforded her," Patty said.


Amy took her union involvement to the national level last year when she helped with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) organizing and cleanup work in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. AFT is one of MEA-MFT's national affiliates, along with the National Education Association (NEA).


Patty recently was appointed to the Montana Board of Public Education's Certification, Standards, and Practices Advisory Council (CSPAC).


Amy is an avid outdoorsperson who loves running, boogie boarding, and everything to do with the outdoors. In addition to teaching, she also coaches track and basketball.


"She dove in (to teaching and MEA-MFT) with both feet and has already made a splash," Patty Muir said of her daughter. "Can you tell I'm proud?"

Who wouldn't be!?


Thanks, Patty and Amy for doing Work That Matters for Montana kids and for MEA-MFT!


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