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The amazing McMorris clan



Coy, Sherry (with baby Birgit), Dougal, Jeff,
and Heather McMorris


Teaching is a family tradition for the McMorris family. Sherry McMorris has taught in Sidney for nearly three decades, including second grade, kindergarten, elementary technology, and now middle school computer technology. She also serves on MEA-MFT's board of directors as NEA director.


Her husband, Coy, retired after teaching English, social studies, and alternative education. He now manages his family's farm outside of Sidney and travels with Sherry whenever possible on the 460-mile drive to Helena for MEA-MFT business.


"I call him my chauffeur and the 'wind beneath my wings' since he does so much that makes it possible for me to carry the heavy workload of NEA director and full-time teacher with an overload of students," said Sherry. "He drives and I correct papers all the way to Helena."


Their son, Jeff, teaches math, geography, and Success For All reading in Wolf Point and is the head wrestling coach. Jeff's wife, Heather, teaches first grade in Wolf Point.


Sherry first got involved with MEA-MFT in 1982. "When I moved to Sidney, the relationship between the board and teaching staff was pretty bad," she said.


"I began in the elementary buildings working to improve treatment of teachers. It did not make me very popular with the administration, but the teachers continually called on me for assistance. We did get a lot of things changed. I guess I have always been willing to fight for the underdog and for what is right."


The younger McMorrises are knights in shining armor too-literally. Fascinated with all things medieval, Jeff and Heather created a full knight's suit of armor, complete with chain mail, a helmet, and padding. Jeff used to wear the suit to narrate Shakespeare's Macbeth.


Temperatures got so hot inside the suit, he reported, "my students had to prop me up."


Jeff and Heather's fifth-grade son, Dougal, has his own full suit of armor. "We sometimes bash each other," Jeff laughed. Jeff and Heather also own a farm. Jeff raises horses and is a professional horse breaker.


Heather did a tour of duty in Iraq with the National Guard from 2003 to 2005. Jeff was also active military for two years, stationed in Germany.


Many other members of the family have been teachers, including Sherry's mother, Coy's sister, brother, aunt and uncle, and numerous others.


Thank you McMorris clan, for doing Work That Matters for Montana!