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Our amazing members in the '09 Legislature


There are 16 MEA-MFT members serving in the 2009 Montana Legislature. Per capita, that's a record for any state union in the country! We are grateful to these folks for their time, hard work, and dedication. Here's who they are:


1. Rep. Cheryl Steenson, Kalispell

2. Rep. John Fleming, Saint Ignatius

3. Rep. Frosty Calf Boss Ribs, Heart Butte

4. Rep. Bob Melhoff, Great Falls

5. Rep. Wanda Grinde, Billings

6. Rep. Robyn Driscoll, Billings

7. Rep. Franke Wilmer, Bozeman

8. Rep. Edie McClafferty, Butte

9. Rep. Jill Cohenour, East Helena

10. Rep. Robin Hamilton, Missoula

11. Rep. Dick Barrett, Missoula

12. Rep. Michele Reinhart, Missoula

13. Sen. Carol Juneau, Browning

14. Rep. Elsie Arntzen, Billings

15. Sen. Gary Branae

16. Sen. Ron Erickson, Missoula


Check back on this site as we add more information on our 16 amazing members in the 2009 Montana Legislature!


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