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Amazing Member Keith Hoyer


MEA-MFT member Keith Hoyer is helping tie the Belt community together through his students' television channel, Belt High School Channel 24.


Belt's local newspaper folded last year, and now this town of about 600 and the surrounding community depend on Keith's students to provide local news.


Keith's broadcasting students film sports events and band concerts, announce the weather and news, and conduct interviews with people as varied as Montana's U.S. Senator Conrd Burns and Flint Rasmussen, eight-time Professional Rodeo Clown Association Clown of the Year.


Several of Keith's students have gone on to pursue careers in broadcasting. "Kids probably get more hands-on reporting and interview experiences here than they do in college," he says.


Not only do Keith's students learn lifelong communication skills, they also help link the community with the school. This is especially important to the community's senior citizens, who can't always get out to basketball games and school concerts.


Keith is also president of his MEA-MFT local, the Belt Federation of Teachers. He recently was featured in a joint MEA-MFT/Montana Magazine article. 


Thanks, Keith, for doing Work That Matters for Montana's people!


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