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Jamie Diehl: Amazing member and future teacher

MEA-MFT member Jamie Diehl plans to become a secondary teacher. This upcoming year will be her third in the Family and Consumer Science Education program at MSU-Bozeman.

She's already gotten her career off to a good start by being active in the Bozeman Chapter of Student MEA-MFT, where she serves as an officer.




Jamie Diehl, second from right, participates in Outreach to Teach at the NEA Student Leadership Conference. To Jamie's right is MEA-MFT staff member Susan Wilkins.


This year, Diehl won election as Student MEA-MFT's delegate to the National Education Association Representative Assembly. She joined MEA-MFT members along with nearly 10,000 other NEA members in San Diego, CA for the event.


Diehl also attended NEA's Student Leadership Conference the week before RA. She met other student members from around the country, participated in leadership training and professional development workshops.


She also participated in NEA's Outreach to Teach project.


Watch the action in this heart-warming local news story. Jamie Diehl appears early in the video, helping carry a tree.


Each year, Outreach to Teach selects a high-need public school located in the host city of the NEA Representative Assembly is selected to receive a free "extreme makeover"--thanks to hundreds of NEA volunteers.


This year, more than 300 students, teachers, retired educators, higher education faculty, and education support professionals descended on Balboa Elementary School in San Diego. Diehl and other NEA members grabbed hammers, shovels, brushes and mops to repair, landscape, paint, clean and redecorate the school.


Here's what else we learned about Jamie Diehl:


What I do in the student program, and why it matters:
This will be my second year as an officer in Student MEA-MFT, because of this I have been able to have a say in the focus of and guest speakers we bring to our meetings. I have also been able to bring back ideas and information from participating in the Montana Regional Assembly, as well as the NEA Representative Assembly and Student Leadership Conference

Best kind of day in class: Any day that I am learning about something that I know can and will apply to my teaching and/or life.


Why I belong to MEA-MFT: Initially, I was asked to join by a respected professor, and the student advisor. Now I realize the amount of benefit being part of the union can provide.


What I do for fun/or what I dream about: When I am not in school or studying, I love to be outside enjoying what Montana, and especially Bozeman, has to offer. 


Community involvement: I try to stay involved in communities that I am a part of, in Bozeman I am an active CAP mentor through the THRIVE program, as well as volunteering with SMEA and other student organizations.


Good book I’ve read lately: I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It is a great story that is truly an inspiration (especially for food lovers)! 




Jamie (left) helps landscape at Balboa Elementary.


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