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Walking the walk: Genevieve Wilson


MEA-MFT member Genevieve Wilson teaches kindergarten at Rocky Boy School. She commutes from Havre to Rocky Boy every day, a 60-mile round trip. We caught up with her as she was helping her son with his homework one evening.


"It's my first year of teaching and I think I'm doing a good job," she said. "Kindergarten students are like a sponge-they're awesome to teach. My kids are smart; that's what I tell everyone.


"I've always had a dream of teaching Native American students, of teaching on a reservation and being able to make a difference with the young students. Teachers make a big difference."


Wilson and her kindergarten students were among 300 Rocky Boy Reservation residents who recently participated in a two-day walk to raise awareness about diabetes on the reservation.


About the diabetes walk: "We participated to be part of the community and let others know we support making the issues of diabetes known. It's important to support those who have diabetes."


Best times teaching: "My teachable moments, when all of a sudden they say, 'I get it,' and they're just throwing it all at you. This week we're learning the letter H. We're going down the hall and they say, 'I know what begins with H.' You just take the time for them: 'That's cool; you're so smart!'"


Thanks, Genevieve, for being an amazing and inspiring member in your first year of teaching!


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