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MEA-MFT salutes Amazing Member Frosty Calf Boss Ribs

MEA-MFT member Forrestina (“Frosty”) Calf Boss Ribs was honored this summer at North American Indian Days in Browning, MT.




She richly deserves the honor.


Frosty is the first Blackfeet Indian woman elected to the Montana Legislature. She served with distinction as a freshman representative in the 2009 legislative session.


Frosty has taught 25 years at Heart Butte, near Browning, where she is a member of the Heart Butte Education Association. She teaches sixth grade.


Here’s what she says:


What I do, and why it matters: I share myself with the youngsters of this world.  I encourage all to get a good education, Head Start to college level.  Getting involved with the state of Montana's education has been the best thing that has happened in my life. 


I encourage education throughout Montana.  I urge all children to choose a good career to make their future bright and healthful.


I have served as Minority Leader of MEA-MFT.  It has opened many doors for me, along with my great friends at MEA-MFT.  I also serve on the Blackfeet Community College as the chairwoman.


Best kind of day on the job: When I see children understand what is being taught to them.  When they say, “I understand now.”  It’s always great to hear those words.


Why I belong to MEA-MFT: I choose to be a member because I have found a great family. They care and share my great goals and successes.


What I do for fun: My fun is going to the mountains and taking in all the beautiful scenery that the Creator has put on this earth for us to enjoy.


Family:  I have four children:  Pat Jr., Forrest, Ronald, and Shelley along with 12 grandchildren.  My husband and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary March 3. I enjoy powwows and playing stick game with all my many family members.


Thank you, Frosty, for the important work you do for Montana’s children and all Montana people!


Did you know? According to the North American Indian Days web site, the name "Blackfeet" originates from the distinctive black hue of the moccasins that were either painted that color or perhaps darkened by prairie fires.


Acknowledged as one of the most powerful tribes in the American Northwest, the Blackfeet, or Siksika, are a loose confederacy of three independent tribes presently living in Montana and Alberta, Canada. 


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