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Amazing Edie McClafferty


Representative Edith (Edie) McClafferty is one of MEA-MFT's 16 members in the 2009 Legislature.


She likes to be called “Edie Mac.” She is a Butte Teachers Union member working at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Butte.


As a first-term legislator, Edie is carrying MEA-MFT’s Head Start funding bill, and doing a great job with it.


Here’s what we learned about Edie:


What I do and why it matters: I am a special education teacher working with students from kindergarten through 6th grade who may struggle in various subjects such as reading, math, and written language skills. My students interact with me in a one-on-one setting or in a small group working with peers. Working in these situations allows students to gain the confidence needed to understand and master a skill, however it’s easiest for them.


Best kind of day on the job: I love my job. My students and I have a good relationship. Often the best part of my day happens when one of my students gives me a hug. No matter what has happened all day long, this hug will pick me up and bring a smile to my face. I enjoy watching my students find satisfaction in their work. There are times they don’t believe in themselves, and watching them achieve a goal they thought was not possible is very satisfying for both of us.


What I do for fun: Family is very important to me; I enjoy spending time with my husband, children, and three beautiful grandchildren. My husband and I also like to ride our Harley as much as we possibly can. Every chance we get, we jump on the bike and take a ride either to see one of our children or just explore Montana.


Community involvement: I have served as Butte-Silverbow county commissioner and have participated on many county boards. I am deeply committed to serving the public and working as part of a team to problem-solve and complete projects for the common good. I have served on many boards, including Butte-Silverbow County Finance and Budget Committee (chair), Fire Commissioner, D.A.R.E. Board of Directors, ARCO – Pit Watch Committee, County Insurance Committee, Civic Center Ad Hoc Committee, Courthouse Renovation Committee, Religious Education Teacher for Butte Community North, and many others.


Good book/movie I’ve read /seen lately: The latest movie that I saw was Australia. My husband Danny and I enjoyed it very much. A good book that I have read is A Thousand Suns.


My hopes and ambitions for the 2009 Legislature: I hope the choices I make will benefit the people of this great state of Montana. I am dedicated to education. As a teacher, I have seen first hand the effect underfunding has had on our schools. Today’s children are the future of tomorrow and we need to invest in them. I am also committed to the disabled citizens of Montana.


We face some very hard times not only in Montana, but in our great nation as a whole. Republicans and Democrats need to work together on improvements for Montana. My hope is that we can work as a team to benefit the people of Montana.


Thanks, Edie, for doing Work That Matters for Montana's people!


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