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Giving kids a Head Start


Amazing Member Chris Domitrovich


Meet MEA-MFT member Chris Domitrovich, a 13-year Missoula Head Start Teacher, 2001 Montana Head Start Teacher of the Year, and currently assistant education coordinator for Head Start in Missoula.


MEA-MFT TODAY asked Chris about her job recently - here's how she responded:


What I do:

A little of everything. Part of my job is overseeing classroom aides. I act as a resource to teachers. Head Start is pushing mentoring. That makes the part of my job I like stronger.


My best day on the job:

It's hard to name one day. My best days are when I get to go into the classroom. I get to be with the kids. When I go, I'm a special visitor. I usually take stories or puppets. I have the best of all situations, because I'm new every time I go in. The kids get all excited to see me.


Why I belong to MEA-MFT:

I believe in the union. I believe in unions. The education field has always been vulnerable to abuse of the workers. We depend so much on funding. Because of inadequate funding, we're always having to cut. It's important to have a union to protect our jobs and our kids. The union is an advocate for kids, strong schools, and strong teachers.


What I dream about:

We always say children are our most important resource. I dream that some day we would back that up as a country - that we would fund and take care of our kids the way we do the defense department.


Kids get shortchanged a lot. We need to fund quality child care and quality education. We can't expect to get off cheap. We can't provide just one or two years of preschool.


This is an important time for Head Start, with all the changes from Washington, D.C. It's important to pay attention to the changes.


Thanks for all you do, Chris!


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