Keep Montanans safe: Charlie Martin

Meet MEA-MFT member Charlie Martin, a probation and parole officer with the Montana Department of Corrections, Adult Probation and Parole Bureau.

Charlie has served as president of his local union, the Montana Federation of Probation and Parole Officer Local 4464. He has been a state employee representatives on the MEA-MFT Board of Directors.

Here’s what we learned about this amazing member:

What I do and why it matters: I supervise a caseload of approximately 75 adult offenders who have been sentenced for different felonies.

The work that probation and parole officers conduct on a daily basis is very important to the safety of all communities in the state of Montana. If felons can learn to abide by the law and conduct themselves as productive citizens in our state, the financial burden is much more cost effective for each and every taxpayer than if the felons are incarcerated for a long period of time. 

Most challenging part of the job: Learning to put the accountability of the felons where it belongs: on them. If I, as a probation and parole officer, am working harder at their rehabilitation than they are, it is very frustrating.

What I love about the job: I love working for the citizens of Montana.  Along with all state employees, I take pride in the services we provide our communities.

Why I belong to MEA-MFT: I used to ask myself why we were part of the “teachers’ union.” A year and a half ago I became vice president of our local, then president. At MEA-MFT board meetings I saw for myself what MEA-MFT does for state workers. I’ve met teachers who testified on House Bill 13 (the state pay plan) and other bills for state employees. I saw their enthusiasm and dedication to our issues as well as their own. I see now that MEA-MFT is a family that encompasses many professions.

What I do for fun: Spending time outdoors in Montana—including hunting, fishing, camping, spending time with family, smoking cigars, and riding Harleys with my wife. I’m a member of the Iron Warriors Motorcycle Club.

Thanks, Charlie, to you and your fellow probation and parole officers for doing Work That Matters for Montana’s families and communities!