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Amazing member Angela McLean


If you could somehow bottle Angela McLean's energy, you could retire early and rich. (Angela herself saves that energy for her students and her family.)


In between teaching at Anaconda High School (American government, American history, sociology and psychology), working on her National Board Certification, and rearing two small children, Angela found time to organize a Stand Up For Education rally in Anaconda Nov. 1, 2005.


Then she organized another rally in the capitol rotunda during the special session of the legislature Dec. 14, 2005. (She also organized the SUFE regional rally in 2003.)


Angela organized the rallies to educate folks about concerns with the direction of the legislative interim committee on school funding.


She turned both rallies into learning experiences for students by involving them in every aspect of the planning and delivery. Students were the masters of ceremony and speakers. Choir students, including Angela's son, sang the national anthem and other pieces.


"The kids were just great!" Angela said.


And they made an impact. Over 250 people attended the Anaconda event, representing Anaconda, Butte, and Deer Lodge. Participants wrote over a thousand cards to legislators. All three area TV stations covered the rally, along with local newspapers. Read newspaper article about the rally.


About the same number attended the capitol rotunda event during the special session. The entire capitol press corps covered the event.


Four of Angela's students also testified on the governor's school funding bill in the Senate Education Committee, charming legislators with their poise and intelligence.


Both rallies were superbly organized. They "got right to the point, moved along beautifully, and most importantly and effectively involved students - their music and their message," said MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver.


Thanks, Angela, for doing Work That Matters for Montana's kids!


NOTE: March 2010: Since the writing of this Amazing Members piece, Angela added a couple more items to her resume: She now serves on the Montana Board of Public Education and the Board of Regents!


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