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National Board Certification 

Background: National Board Certification provides an option for experienced teachers to demonstrate the highest level of accomplishment in their profession, through an exciting and rewarding professional portfolio process.


National Board Certification is a nationally accepted sign of quality in the field of education and offers a nationwide standard for evaluating and encouraging quality teaching.


Increasingly, both nationally and in Montana, lawmakers, school districts, and parents are urging policies that encourage teachers to pursue National Board Certification because they recognize the power that certification has to transform teaching and improve schools.


Help from MEA-MFT and MPTF: MEA-MFT and the Montana Professional Teaching Foundation (MPTF) have been proud to support National Board Certification in Montana since 1997. At that time, MEA-MFT in partnership with MPTF, Office of Public Instruction, and the Governor's Office, provided subsidy scholarships to nine Montana teachers along with a series of workshops designed to assist their candidacies.


MPTF has assumed these responsibilities ever since, with the foundation establishing National Board Certification support as one of its core missions in 1998. Since 1997, 139 Montana teachers have earned National Board Certification.


Montana's 70% candidate success rate is among the best in the nation. MEA-MFT and MPTF are very pleased to have played a role in this level of success.


National Board Certification: More About the Process

National Board Certified Teachers in Montana

Loans & Scholarships

Candidate Support & Assistance