2014 grant recipients

(NOTE: this is not a complete list) 

Here is what a few of the 2014 Karen Cox recipients did with their grants:

Teaching weather: Yvette Jordan of Vaughn School District purchased materials for “Tantalizing Temperatures,” a district-wide math project that allowed students to learn about weather across the curriculum.

Basic supplies: Jessica Dufresne of Daly Elementary in Hamilton needed basic supplies like markers, crayons, child scissors, and construction paper. Her grant allowed her to purchase these, along with writing journals and books.

Humans and horses: Jeanne Cline of Custer County High School used the grant money to send several students to the Pivotal Movements Equine Therapy Center in Miles City for a day. “The goal is for students in the Emotional Education Program to develop healthy social and emotional skills,” she said.

Document camera: Kati McCaslin of Thompson Falls purchased a document camera for 5th and 6th grades to share student work, project educational games, and more.

Dogs & calculus: Birch Fett of Hamilton High School bought five T1-84 calculators for calculus class for the project “Do Dogs Know Calculus.” (Fett also recruited two Labrador retrievers, Bristol Bay and Kava, for the project.)