MEA-MFT testimony on Montana Chemical Dependency 

Mr. Chairman, members of the subcommittee,


My name is Terry Minow. I represent MEA-MFT. MEA-MFT represents employees at Montana Chemical Dependency Center, also known as MCDC, in Butte.


I am rising in support of adequate funding at MCDC. MCDC staff work hard every day to help chemically dependent patients get better and back on their feet.


I’d like to quote from Doug Rotondi, a treatment technician at MDCD, who said earlier this week, “Our work matters because we are part of a team that takes criminals off the streets and takes people off of public assistance. We help them become productive, responsible members of society -- people who can hold down jobs and contribute to their communities instead of being a burden on society and taxpayers.”


This legislative session is poised to once again address the issues of substance abuse, including DUIs. As the legislature increases penalties, it must also provide treatment for those who suffer from substance addictions.


We ask that MCDC not be subject to the additional cuts your subcommittee adopted at the beginning of this process. We again emphasize the importance of funding overtime and holiday pay—in a 24/7 facility, these costs are real and must be funded.


Thank you, Mr. Chair and members of the subcommittee.