April 21, 2017

Keep contacting senators on the charter school bill, HB 376!

The Montana Senate for some reason did not act on the charter school bill yesterday. (The bill, tabled in committee, was resurrected in a surprise last-minute move yesterday, with the Senate voting 26-24 to take HB 376 from the table and place it on 2d reading for debate.)  

There is still time to take action. YOUR CALLS AND EMAILS ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Please keep contacting senators!

Please contact all senators.
See list below. Politely tell them to vote NO on HB 376 - a bad charter school bill that serves NO useful purpose, creates another useless layer of bureaucracy, and is unconstitutional. 

Fastest way to contact senators:

1. Go to the legislative email system.

2. Fill in the required information: your name/address, legislator’s name, bill number (HB 376), short message, etc.

3. Click “send message.”

4. Instead of clicking on “Send another message,” click the back arrow of your browser. That will take you back to your completed form. All you have to do is change the legislator’s name.
5. Start with the senators who voted YES (see list below). Ask them to change their vote.

6. Then contact senators who voted NO. Thank them for voting against HB 376. Ask them to continue voting against this bad bill.


Here's the legislative email site again

You can also call and leave a message for up to five senators at time – 444-4800.

Senators who voted YES on HB 376 (ask them to vote NO) - 
Ankney, Duane
Blasdel, Mark
Brown, Dee
Buttrey, Edward
Fielder, Jennifer
Fitzpatrick, Steve
Gauthier, Terry
Hinebauch, Steve
Hinkle, Jedediah
Hoven, Brian
Howard, David
Kary, Douglas (Doug)
Keenan, Bob
Lang, Mike
Moore, Frederick (Eric)
Olszewski, Albert
Osmundson, Ryan
Regier, Keith
Sales, Scott
Small, Jason
Smith, Cary
Swandal, Nels
Thomas, Fred
Vance, Gordon
Vincent, Chas
Webb, Roger


Senators who voted NO (thank them for voting NO and ask them to keep voting NO on HB 376)
Barrett, Dick

Boland, Carlie

Caferro, Mary

Cohenour, Jill

Connell, Pat
Facey, Tom

Gross, Jen

Jones, Llew

MacDonald, Margaret (Margie)

Malek, Sue

McClafferty, Edith (Edie)

McNally, Mary

Phillips, Mike

Pomnichowski, JP

Richmond, Tom

Salomon, Daniel

Sands, Diane

Sesso, Jon

Smith, Frank
Tempel, Russel (Russ)

Vuckovich, Gene

Welborn, Jeffrey

Whitford, Lea

Wolken, Cynthia