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Please take action on crucial bills! It's fast, it's easy, and it makes all the difference. We need members to take action on the following bills:

• SB 107 (T. Brown) – School "secession" bill. Authorizes Lockwood, East Helena, and Hellgate Elementary to morph into k-12 elementary and high school districts by seceding from existing unified districts. Read more 
Status: Heard 1/19 Senate Education
    Action needed:
 Please contact Senate Education Committee. Urge them to "Please table SB 107." Leave a message for the whole committee from the legislative e-mail system or by calling 406-444-4800.

• HB 13 (Swanson) – state employee pay plan. 50 cent hourly pay increase each year of the biennium plus health insurance improvements. Read more 
Status: Hearing to be scheduled – House Appropriations.  
    Action needed: Participate in Feb. 16 Day of Action, state capitol, Helena.  

• HB 27 (Hayman) - k-12 funding bill 
    Action needed: Please contact House Appropriations Committee. Ask them to "Please pass HB 27." Contact all committee members at once from the legislative e-mail system
• SB 12 (Moe) – State funding for 19-year-olds. 
Status: Heard 1/21 – Senate Education.
    Action needed: Please contact Senate Education Committee. Urge them to "Please pass SB 12." Leave a message for the whole committee from the legislative e-mail system or by calling 406-444-4800.

• SB 14 (Driscoll) – Raises legal dropout age to 18
Status: Heard 1/21 – Senate Education.
    Action needed: Please contact Senate Education Committee. Urge members to "Please pass SB 14." Leave a message for the whole committee from the legislative e-mail system or by calling 406-444-4800.

Priority bill status - Read about the main bills MEA-MFT is promoting or opposing, and where they stand.

About the 2015 session:
The 2015 legislative session convened January 5, 2015. MEA-MFT leaders, staff, and members at the capitol every day!

Because of low voter turnout in the November election, we face a challenging legislature. We have our work cut out for us.

We'll be playing a lot of defense --
• Fighting privatization of our public schools, public services, and pensions. 
• Fighting attacks on voters' & employees' rights.

On the proactive front, we'll work to:
• Pass the state pay plan, HB 13.
• Support Governor Bullock's early childhood education program ("Early Edge").
• Maintain adequate funding for state agencies and public schools.
• Secure state funding for Head Start.

You can read MEA-MFT's legislative program here.

You can help! We'll need all MEA-MFT members to help contact their local legislators.

Watch for action alerts & message points here, in our e-newsletters, and on our Facebook page.


State pay plan advocates make their case Jan. 19

The truth about school "choice" (a.k.a. "privatization")
Bozeman Chronicle says "NO" to privatizing public schools  1-5-15

SB 107: Dangerous idea.

Want a more responsive legislature? Give to COPE (MEA-MFT Committee On Political Action. Here's how. 

MEA-MFT 2013 Legislative Voting Record:
How your local legislators do on the issues important to MEA-MFT members in the 2013 Legislature? See the voting record here. (This takes a few seconds to download.)

2013 Legislature: the aftermath. Against all odds, MEA-MFT was able to save public employee pensions (PERS and TRS). We passed the state pay plan. We passed better funding for public schools and saved them from privatization efforts.

We did this with enormous help from our members, our allies, and Governor Steve Bullock.

We didn't win everything. Our Head Start funding bill did not pass. We have much work to do on higher education funding.

The legislative majority cut money out of the state pay plan (HB 13). MEA-MFT and our fellow state employee unions have bargained the best possible deal for state employees given these cuts. Read more.
The legislative majority also tampered with the Guaranteed Annual Benefit Adjustments (GABAs) for PERS and TRs. MEA-MFT is working on legal action to challenge the legislature's attacks on GABA. 
Given the lay of the legislative land, however, we fared better in the 2013 session than most people ever dreamed we would.

Read our legislative wrap-up in the June-July 2013 issue of MEA-MFT Today.

THANK YOU to all MEA-MFT members who helped: those of you who called and e-mailed legislators and came to our Days of Action. Your efforts made all the difference!

Fact sheet on state pay plan, HB 13

Read about school funding bill, SB 175

School privatization: Who is behind the efforts to privatize our public schools? Learn more

MEA-MFT and allies release mid-session voting record. For the first time, MEA-MFT and our allies in Montana public education compiled a joint mid-term voting record on public school issues. Read the voting record here.


Essential Truths About the Great Work of Montana's Public Schools
MEA-MFT has teamed up with many other education advocacy groups to produce this major new document, produced to help legislators understand K-12 issues. Read about it here.

Did You Know... Stories About the Great Work of Montana's Public Schools
Another publication from Montana's education advocacy coalition, including MEA-MFT. Don't miss these great stories. Read them here.






MEA-MFT 2011 Legislative Voting Record
How did your legislators do on our issues in the 2011 session? Click here to find out. (The voting record takes a moment to download.)


Report card time: MEA-MFT 2009 Legislative voting record

MEA-MFT's 2009 priority bills How they fared.


MEA-MFT Voting Record


'05 special session voting record: Grade your legislators.


The grades are in: MEA-MFT 2005 legislative voting record

2003 voting record