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Feb. 20 bill status 02/20/2017

Feb. 17 bill status 02/17/2017

School charter & voucher bills  02/16/2017
Such bills would permit anyone to teach almost anything in unregulated, unaccountable environments.

Busting the "school choice" myth 02/16/2017
A quick and compelling read.

Feb. 14 priority bill status 02/14/2017

Bad bill week at the legislature 02/13/2017
This is bad bill week at the Montana Legislature, with committee hearings on three dangerous, unnecessary bills:

Feb. 8 bill status 02/09/2017

MEA-MFT north central regional training 02/06/2017
You're invited!

PASS Training 02/02/2017

Get ready for 2017 rep. assembly 01/30/2017
Get ready to send your local's full slate of delegates to RA 2017! This is a crucial time for our union, and we need all hands on deck to help steer the ship. This is what democracy looks like!

Jan. 26 bill status 01/26/2017

Jan 24 bill status 01/24/2017