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MEA-MFT Membership

General Information and Categories


MEA-MFT membership is unified.  MEA-MFT members must be members of their local bargaining unit (if one exists where they work) and one or both of our two national affiliates – NEA and AFT.  


Active – Active members enjoy all governance and program rights, privileges, and benefits.   Active members may also become retired members before actual retirement.  In this case, they remain active and pre-retired members.   


Miscellaneous –“Miscellaneous” members are active members working in places with no local affiliate.  Miscellaneous members enjoy all active membership rights, privileges, and benefits. 


Retired MEA-MFT – Retired members who are no longer eligible for active membership may become retired MEA-MFT members.  Retired MEA-MFT members have limited rights, privileges, and benefits because of their retired status.  Retired MEA-MFT members must join for life. As stated above active members may join pre-retired MEA-MFT.


Substitute – Substitute teachers who are NOT eligible for active membership may become substitute members and receive limited governance and program rights, privileges, and benefits. 


Associate – Associate members have no rights and no benefits but do receive publications.


Student – Student members have limited rights and benefits and receive publications.  When student members become active members they may receive a one-time-only $10 credit for each year of student membership.