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MEA-MFT Educators' Conference 

The MEA-MFT Educators' Conference is dedicated to bringing top-quality professional development to Montana teachers. Each year, teachers from all over Montana come to our conference for inspiration, information, and renewal units. 

It's your right to attend the MEA-MFT Educators' Conference! State law calls for closing schools the third Thursday and Friday of each October so Montana teachers can get the professional development they need to obtain renewal units. Our conference is one of your main opportunities to use those two days well.


2017 MEA-MFT Educators' Conference

October 19-20, 2017, Missoula

Big Sky High School, 3100 South Ave W., Missoula


Call for Applications to Present - Deadline April 30, 2017
        Click here to submit an Application to Present

If you have questions about submitting an Application to Present please contact Jami Wood at

Missoula area lodging

2016 MEA-MFT Educators' Conference                                            

October 20-21, 2016, Helena

Retrieve my renewal certificate by clicking on Access my registration here 2016 Educators' Conference - Helena

"Where can I see a quick list of all the sessions offered?"
You'll find a list here: Session Directory 

Other info:

 Presenter Portal - Deadline for submissions April 30, 2016


2015 MEA-MFT Educators' Conference
October 15 & 16, Billings

Access my Registration - 2015 Educators' Conference