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Over 2,500 Educators to Descend on Billings for Annual MFPE Educator Conference  10/11/2018
The 2018 Educator Conference, hosted and organized by the Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE), will take place October 18th through 19th at Skyview High School in Billings, Montana. Over 2,000 educators from every corner of Montana have already registered for the conference which will feature over 500 training sessions and keynotes from 18 curriculum groups with expertise in education. The Educator Conference is a one of a kind opportunity offered by MFPE for educators to deepen their expertise and benefit the students they serve.

For Members: 2018 MFPE Election Endorsements  10/11/2018

MFPE Pay Plan Action Survey 10/10/2018

State Employees: Understanding the benefits of our union negotiated contract  09/27/2018

2018 MFPE Pre-retirement Workshops 09/26/2018

MFPE Pre-retirement Workshops 08/24/2018
No matter where you are in your career — just starting out, mid-career, or nearing retirement — you need to understand your retirement system plan, benefits, and options. The earlier you begin, the better!Here’s a perfect place to start!

MFPE Regional Training - Helena 08/15/2018

State & higher ed classified employees: take the bargaining survey! 06/04/2018
MFPE is conducting two surveys of our state employee and higher education classified members to help in the bargaining process. Please participate in these surveys!

'This is our time' - 1st MFPE Annual Conference 04/16/2018
Despite arctic storms and record snowfall, nearly 400 delegates braved white-knuckle roads to gather in Helena for the first Montana Federation of Public Employees Annual Conference, April 6-7.

1st MFPE Annual Conference  04/11/2018
The first-ever Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE) Annual Conference took place in Helena April 6-7, 2018.

Teacher Leadership Institute - 2018 -19 04/05/2018
Are you ready to take hold of your career, learning to lead in matters of practice and policy? Do you ever find yourself thinking, “If more teachers were leading, then…”—and wishing you were one of those teachers? Are you eager to make a difference beyond your classroom—but not sure where to begin?

MFPE to hold first annual conference April 6-7 04/05/2018

Montanans for The 6 Mill launch campaign to support higher ed 03/21/2018
HELENA – Members of Montanans for the Six Mill Levy campaign committee and their supporters gathered at Great Falls College today to announce the beginning of their efforts to renew the 6-Mill levy (LR-128) in support of Montana’s public colleges and universities.

Support the 6-Mill Levy for higher education 03/14/2018
One of MEA-MFT’s top priorities on the November 2018 ballot is the 6-Mill Levy, a statewide levy that Montanans have supported since 1948. It provides a key funding source for all 8 campuses in the Montana University System. MEA-MFT has members working on every one of those campuses.

Nominate for presidential science & math teachers 03/06/2018
Do you know a great Montana science or math teacher, teaching in grades K-6, with 5 or more years of professional teaching experience? Nominate before April 1, 2018!

Attend a regional meeting near you 02/12/2018
All members are invited to attend the regional meeting closest to YOU to learn more about our new merged union: Montana Federation of Public Employees.

It's official! MEA-MFT & MPEA are merged 01/21/2018
It’s official: Montana’s two largest public employee unions, MEA-MFT and the Montana Public Employees Association (MPEA), have joined forces.

9 more MT teachers achieve National Board Certification 01/08/2018
Late last month the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards announced that nine more Montana teachers successfully earned National Board Certification (NBC).

A new union for Montana 01/02/2018
January 20, 2018, MEA-MFT and MPEA member leaders will gather here in Helena and ratify a proposed constitution creating a new union, the Montana Federation of Public Employees.

Special MEA-MFT Rep. Assembly Jan. 20, 2018 12/20/2017
Saturday, January 20, 2018, MEA-MFT will hold a special representative assembly to discuss and vote on the proposed constitution for our new merged union

PASS Training - Spring 2018 12/14/2017
MEA-MFT PASS course has been developed by and for Montana paraprofessionals and provides participants with important skills in classroom management as well as proven strategies in reading, writing, and math instruction, taught in a dynamic and fun setting.

Montana torpedoed by Daines and Gianforte 12/08/2017
This tax package may be a Libertarian dream, but it will be disastrous for citizens who expect our state government to provide for public health, safety and education.

Federal tax bill could cost Montana $128 million/year 12/06/2017
The state of Montana could lose about $128 million annually in the next two fiscal years to its general fund because of federal tax reforms, a legislative panel considering a study of the state’s tax structure was told Tuesday.

Counties angry over office closures due to state cuts 12/06/2017
The Montana Department of Revenue is closing its county satellite offices in Chester and Conrad on Friday because of budget reductions in House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 261 approved in the 2017 legislative session.

Sign up for Missoula regional training 12/01/2017
All MEA-MFT & MPEA members are welcome to this fun, free event!

Gov. Bullock to veto state employee furloughs 11/17/2017
Gov. Bullock has announced he will veto HB 8 (Usher), the ignorant, mean-spirited, anti-government frontal assault on Montana’s collective bargaining act that surfaced in the special session.

Special session adjourns  11/16/2017
The special session of the Montana Legislature adjourned late last night. Instead of finding a balanced approach to deal with the state’s revenue shortfall, the legislative majority voted for $110 million in cuts to state services and made it more difficult to restore services if revenue rebounds.

Republicans move to make temporary budget cuts permanent, furlough state employees  11/15/2017

You're invited! All-member social events 11/15/2017
All MEA-MFT and MPEA members are invited every third Thursday of the month, 5-6:30 p.m., MEA-MFT office, 1232 E 6th Ave, Helena. Enjoy snacks & beverages, meet with your fellow members, hear about local updates, and let your voice be heard!

Special legislative session begins 11/13/2017
The MEA-MFT leaders and staff who compose our lobby team are at the state capitol watching carefully, working to protect our members' interests and protect state jobs and services, along with public education.

Gov. Bullock & public school advocacy groups united on K-12 proposals in special session 11/10/2017

Nominate for Presidential Math & Science Teaching Awards 11/01/2017
Do you know an excellent Montana science or math teacher, teaching in grades K-6, who would appreciate a $10,000 award and an expenses-paid trip to DC? Nominate that person now.

Save jobs and public services - TAKE ACTION! 10/30/2017
Act now to help avoid devastating cuts!

Melissa Romano: Teacher of the Year! 10/04/2017
Divide and Shields Valley teachers are 2018 finalists

MEA-MFT & MPEA are merging! Learn more at a regional meeting near you 10/04/2017
MEA-MFT and the Montana Public Employees Association (MPEA) are joining forces. Learn more at a regional meeting near you.

Teacher Learning Hub Annual Report 16/17 09/25/2017
In July 2013, the American Federation of Teachers(AFT) awarded Montana an Innovation Grant tocreate the Montana Digital Professional Learning Network (MDPLN). This new online learning network was patterned after the Montana Digital Academy (MTDA), with the primary goal of addressing the challenges of distance,time, access, and equity in providing Montana educators access to quality professional learning opportunities statewide. Initial focus was to provide Montana English Language Arts, Literacy,and Mathematics Common Core training and ongoing coaching support for Montana teachers,as well as paraprofessional training for the MEAMFT PASS program.

MSDB members support firefighters 09/14/2017
MEA-MFT Local #4027 at the Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind recently sponsored a fundraiser to support the brave men and women fighting wildfires across Montana.

Pres. Eric Feaver responds to state budget cuts 09/12/2017
Our job today is to call, email, and write our legislators both House and Senate. Tell them to support new revenue to avoid budget cuts.

Time to pre-register for the MEA-MFT Educators' Conference! 09/08/2017
The one and only MEA-MFT Educators’ Conference, the MOST comprehensive cross-grade, cross-curriculum professional development event in Montana, takes place in Missoula October 19-20, 2017. Pre-register here.

Recommendations to Supt. Elsie Arntzen on budget cuts 09/01/2017
Montana public education community's recommendations to Supt. Arntzen on how to implement the governor's request for 10% reduction.

What caused the state budget crisis?  08/29/2017
What got Montana into its current fiscal crisis? Some Montanans are pointing to legislation from 2003 that cut tax rates, mostly for the state's wealthiest.

Learn more about National Board Certification 08/29/2017
Recruiting and retaining highly qualified educators is of critical concern to Montana schools. The new National Board Certification (NBC) stipend will help. Learn more about the stipend and about NBC in Montana.

Arntzen takes Teacher of the Year program from our foundation 08/29/2017
A number of folks have asked if we agreed to hand the Montana Teacher of the Year Program over to Elsie Arntzen. No, we did not agree to hand it over. We are proud of the 22-year investment we have made in the program.

Big fun at 2017 Golf Scramble 08/18/2017
Photos from the 2017 golf scramble fundraiser for the MT Professional Teaching Foundation. Thanks to all sponsors, teams, and volunteers!

State budget cuts affect most vulnerable Montanans 08/14/2017
The full scope of pain from impending budget cuts is coming into view for public employees and the Montanans they serve.

How I-183 can hurt Montanans  08/10/2017
Would you sign a petition for a law to create a new reason to sue Montana and local governments (read: taxpayers)?

Who needs charter schools? MT's public schools are among the world's best 08/09/2017
Year after year, in measure after measure, Montana public schools large and small prove they are among the best schools in the world. Here's one more example.

New FREE insurance benefit for MEA-MFT members 08/09/2017
All dues-paying, active MEA-MFT members are eligible for this NEW benefit from AFT, our national affiliate.

MEA-MFT & MPEA ready to launch new union 08/09/2017
It’s official: MEA-MFT and the Montana Public Employees Association (MPEA) will join forces, creating a larger, stronger new union.

The budget cuts are coming 07/26/2017
“Really at this point the voters need to speak.”

Nominate for ESP of the Year 07/21/2017
MEA-MFT is now accepting nominations for the 2018 ESP of the Year.

For MT Teacher of the Year Kelly Elder, life has become a whirlwind of opportunity 05/11/2017
When you become a Montana Teacher of the Year, doors all over the world open for you. Literally. Kelly Elder is a case in point.

MT educators receive $13,000 in free books for students in need 05/11/2017
Across Montana, k-12 educators are celebrating a windfall of free books for their students, thanks to a partnership between their union and a nonprofit organization called First Book.

2017 Legislature adjourns, sine die 04/28/2017

State pay plan passes legislature 04/28/2017

JumpStart your National Board Certification 04/04/2017
MEA-MFT cordially invites you to attend the annual JumpStart Montana.

MEA-MFT COPE endorses Rob Quist for Congress 03/24/2017
MEA-MFT, Montana’s largest labor union and affiliate of the Montana AFL-CIO, has announced that its Committee On Political Education (COPE) has endorsed Rob Quist for Congress in Montana’s special election.

Montana State Teachers of the Year chapter launched 03/06/2017
The Montana State Teachers of the Year (MT STOY), a state affiliate of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year, has officially launched with the formal election of a slate of officers and approval of the organization’s bylaws.

Guns in schools bill dies on 2d reading 02/27/2017
After spirited debate, the House failed to pass the “guns in school bill,” HB 385, on 2d reading.

Busting the "school choice" myth 02/16/2017
A quick and compelling read.

MEA-MFT north central regional training 02/16/2017
You're invited!

School charter & voucher bills  02/16/2017
Such bills would permit anyone to teach almost anything in unregulated, unaccountable environments.

Bad bill week at the legislature 02/13/2017
This is bad bill week at the Montana Legislature, with committee hearings on three dangerous, unnecessary bills:

Jan. 26 bill status 01/26/2017

Jan 24 bill status 01/24/2017

Jan. 20 bill status 01/23/2017
Summary: School funding and game wardens’ & peace officers' retirement moving on. The attempt to eliminate election day as a holiday has failed. Crazy gun bills introduced.

School funding bill advances 01/19/2017
The House Appropriations Committee has passed HB 191, Montana's school funding bill this session, out of committee.

Has Elsie Arntzen ended Graduation Matters? 01/19/2017
It appears newly elected superintendent of public instruction Elsie Artnzen may have terminated one of the Office of Public Instruction’s most effective programs: Graduation Matters.

Jan. 12 - legislative update 01/12/2017
Today MEA-MFT engaged in bill hearings that impact thousands of MEA-MFT members and other public employees across Montana.

Do you suspect child abuse? Law requires you to report it 12/20/2016
If you suspect a child has been physically, mentally, or emotionally abused or neglected, the law requires you to report it to DPHHS.

Montana Legislature begins January 2 11/16/2016
As always, MEA-MFT leaders, staff, and members will be working hard every day during the 90-day session on behalf of public education, public services, the rights of working people, and other crucial issues that affect our members and all Montanans. Stay involved!

STATE PAY PLAN: tentative agreement reached 11/16/2016
The joint union bargaining team for Montana’s state employees met with the bargaining team from Governor Bullock’s office November 9. The two teams reached a tentative agreement on the next state employee pay plan.

Kelly Elder selected as 2017 Montana Teacher of the Year 09/26/2016
Kimberly Knoche and Nicole Vradenburg are finalists.

Golf scramble 2016 08/17/2016
The annual golf scramble took place July 28 at Fairmont, raising funds and fun for our Montana Professional Teaching Foundation. Thanks to all the teams, sponsors, and volunteers who made it a big success!

2016 Members of the Year 05/30/2016
Phil Condon, Sue Stewart, and the entire Montana Federation of Historical Society Workers were honored at 2016 representative assembly.

Myers, Brookshier, Keenan join MEA-MFT Hall of Fame 04/14/2016
Each year, MEA-MFT celebrates our trailblazers and pioneers -- the people who made our union the champion of working families it is today -- by inducting them into the MEA-MFT Hall of Fame.

MEA-MFT members celebrate Supreme Court victory at Rep Assembly 04/04/2016

The ruling is in: Friedrichs is gone 03/29/2016
The U.S. Supreme Court today delivered its decision in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, affirming that public employees have a compelling interest in having strong and effective collective bargaining.

2016 Rep. Assembly: April 1-2, Helena 03/26/2016
This year, RA takes place April 1-2, 2016, in Helena. More than 300 delegates are expected to attend. Make sure your local union is fully represented!

Help tell the story of Montana's GREAT public schools! 03/04/2016

MEA-MFT endorsed candidates for 2016 election 03/01/2016
The Montana candidates who win election in November 2016 will have a huge impact on the lives, jobs, and families of all MEA-MFT members. Learn about our endorsed candidates.

The sad story of George and MDC 02/25/2016
"Legislators were sold on the closure bill based on three premises. All three premises have been proven false."

MDC closure dangerously wrong  02/22/2016
"We have concluded that every major legislative argument in favor of closing MDC was false. But it is not too late."

Craig Beals to host History Channel TV show 12/22/2015
MEA-MFT member Craig Beals, Montana's 2015 Teacher of the Year, has been tapped to host "Secret Earth," an hour-long special about the Yellowstone super volcano airing on the History Channel on Monday.

Gazette: school privatization is bad policy 12/14/2015
Great opinion piece from the Billings Gazette.

Out with NCLB, in with ESSA 12/10/2015
It's over: the long and troubled "shame and blame" era of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) came to an end today.

Denise Juneau statement on Every Student Succeeds Act 12/03/2015
Last night the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Every Student Succeeds Act, the long-awaited replacement of the No Child Left Behind law. The act now moves on to the Senate.

MEA-MFT COPE endorses Jim Shea for Supreme Court 12/01/2015
"COPE members were impressed with Jim Shea’s experience as a judge and the fact that he decides cases based on facts, the law, and the constitution."

Sue Stewart honored as Montana’s Education Support Professional of the Year 11/30/2015
Sue Stewart is the kind of person you want in your corner. That goes double if you happen to be a child who is blind or visually impaired, or the parent of such a child.

State employee members awarded for excellence 10/30/2015
From dealing with the oil spill in the Yellowstone River to helping Montana kids get child support, state employees make a difference every day.

Jessica Anderson selected as 2016 Montana Teacher of the Year 09/21/2015
Congratulations to our new Teacher of the Year and finalists!

No matter your age, you need to plan now for retirement 09/15/2015
You're invited to one of MEA-MFT's Pre-retirement Workshops. Find one near you.

Register now for 2015 MEA-MFT Educators’ Conference 08/25/2015
MEA-MFT offers its unbeatable MEA-MFT Educators Conference again this year: October 15-16 in Billings.

MEA-MFT saves guaranteed annual benefit adjustments for TRS and PERS retirees 08/21/2015
MEA-MFT saves guaranteed annual benefit adjustments

MEA-MFT wins on teachers’ retirement  07/01/2015
Good news: District court has ruled in favor of MEA-MFT in our case to save Montana teachers’ Guaranteed Annual Benefit Adjustment (GABA).

MEA-MFT public employee locals win national award 06/26/2015

MEA-MFT & our foundation work to promote teacher leaders 06/26/2015
MEA-MFT and our foundation, the Montana Professional Teaching Foundation (MPTF), pour considerable time and resources into providing top-quality professional development for teachers.

9 Montana teachers chosen as math & science finalists 06/10/2015
Nine Montana school teachers have been selected as the 2015 state finalists for the national prestigious Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST), the nation’s highest honor for U.S. mathematics and science teachers in grades kindergarten through 12.

Governor signs SB 411 to close MDC 05/06/2015
A terrible decision for MDC patients, their families, the employees, and the town of Boulder.

Parents of patients at MDC ask governor to veto SB 411 04/29/2015
SB 411, the bill to close MDC, is now on the governor's desk. Please ask him to veto it. Call 444-3111 to leave your message.

Legislature adjourns after failing to pass crucial infrastructure bill 04/28/2015
After more shenanigans in the Montana House of Representatives, the session’s key infrastructure bill is dead.

Free Conference Committee adopts amendment to fund state employee pay plan 04/23/2015
Free Conference Committee adopts amendment to fund state employee pay plan

MDC: fix it, don't close it 04/17/2015
On their first 2d reading of SB 411 yesterday the House got it right by voting the bill down. Then the House voted to reconsider.

Lowell Bartels: Closing MDC would be irresponsible 04/08/2015
Lowell Bartels, a committed life-time advocate for our disabled citizens, wrote the following guest opinion. Today HB 411, the ill-advised bill to close MDC, will be heard in committee.

Keep Montana Developmental Center open! 04/07/2015
MDC provides treatment and care for Montana's most disturbed citizens - including those with developmental disabilities as well as mental illness. Most of them could not be treated in community settings. Many would have nowhere to go if MDC closes.

regional training 04/02/2015

State employees at news conference on HB 13 03/31/2015
Dozens of state employee members participated in a news conference on HB 13, the state pay plan, today at noon. Statement by MEA-MFT Secretary-Treasurer Rich Aarstad.

Montana Developmental Center under attack 03/28/2015

House majority fails to "blast" state pay plan: not over yet 03/28/2015
3-30-15 Last week the Republican-controlled House Appropriations Committee tabled the state pay plan, HB 13. Then the House majority refused to blast it to the floor for debate. It's not over yet.

Bozeman Chronicle joins outpouring of support for Early Edge 03/20/2015
If bills were passed strictly on the basis of public support, the governor's public preschool plan, Early Edge, would have passed long ago.

Family Foundation targets MT public schools 03/18/2015
Jeff Laszloffy, head of the right-wing Montana Family Foundation, has been a ubiquitious presence at the 2015 Montana Legislature. One of the group's main goals is to pass bills that siphon public funds from public schools to private schools.

State & university employees testify on pay plan March 16 03/13/2015
At long last, the House Appropriations Committee held its hearing on the pay plan – House Bill 13 -- for Montana state employees, including university employees.

Tax dollars for private schools? 03/13/2015
Montanans are clearly opposed to tax benefits for private schools. Which legislators are listening?

No guns on campus 03/12/2015
MEA-MFT strongly opposes SB 143. Can you imagine a Cat-Griz game where fans have guns?

HB 13 finally gets its hearing 03/10/2015
At long last, HB 13 (Swanson), the state employee pay plan, had its hearing March 16.

Fate of Medicaid expansion 03/09/2015
After three hours of testimony most of which supported HB 249 (Noonan) – Governor Bullock’s Medicaid Expansion proposal - House Human Services did the expected. It killed the bill with a “Do Not Pass” motion. But Medicaid expansion might not be dead for this session.

House Committee rejects Early Edge; fight isn't over 03/09/2015
It’s disappointing, but this isn’t the end for Early Edge.

Gazette agrees with us: SB 107 is a bad idea 03/04/2015
MEA-MFT strongly opposes SB 107. So does the Billings Gazette. Read on. Then please get ready to help fight this bill in the House. It has already passed the Senate.

State employees: take action on the pay plan 02/25/2015
we want our pay plan to be enacted by the legislature, we need to contact our legislators and tell them to hear and support HB13!

Legislative session nears halfway mark 02/24/2015
Montana's 2015 legislature is approaching the halfway mark. It has been a tough session. MEA-MFT leaders, staff, and members are front and center at the legislature every day

Debra Lamm's war on Montana's Common Core 02/17/2015
Representative Debra Lamm (R) – Livingston – formerly the primary lobbyist for the anti-public school Montana Family Foundation and then head of the failed Montanans Against Common Core but now state legislator, has introduced a bag full of anti-common core, anti-board of public education bills.

HB 462 attacks public employee unions: your help needed! 02/16/2015
YOUR union, OUR union is at extreme risk right now. Help stop this dangerous bill.

Two bad bills advance 02/09/2015
Late Friday Feb. 6, the House Education Committee passed HB 322 out of committee and Senate Education passed SB 107.

Join us! State Pay Plan Day of Action Feb. 16 02/09/2015
State employees will once again converge on the state capitol Monday, Feb. 16, for the second State Pay Plan Half Dollar Day of Action. Join us!

HB 377: attack on Montana's academic standards 02/05/2015
House Bill 377 (Sponsored by Debra Lamm, R-Livingston)is a direct attack on Montana's academic standards for math and English. And it's unconstitutional.

Denise Juneau gives outstanding State of Education Address 02/03/2015
Supt. of Public Instruction Denise Juneau gave an outstanding State of Education address yesterday in the MT House of Representatives.

MEA-MFT Regional Training, May 1-2, Missoula 02/02/2015

Bonding bill: Bob Brown has it right  01/26/2015
Longtime Republican leader Bob Brown of Whitefish has it right on HB 5, the governor's bonding bill, which helps Montanans from the Bakken to Whitefish, including the Montana Historical Society.

State employee pay plan advocates in action 01/20/2015

SB 107 is dangerous - read why 01/19/2015
"Expanding high school districts and constructing new facilities less than five miles from three existing high achieving schools may increase local control, but in reality it only limits the options for local families."

The truth about so-called school “choice” 01/16/2015
What does school "choice" really mean? It means taking tax dollars from public schools, giving the money to private schools.

Montana's graduation rate highest ever 01/14/2015
MEA-MFT member Denise Juneau's wildly successful Graduation Matters program has helped boost our state's high school graduation level to the highest in history!

Bozeman Chronicle says no privatization of public schools 01/06/2015
Privatization of Montana’s public schools is one bad idea, not justified by the quality of our schools, and blatantly unconstitutional.

Montana teachers selected as national leaders 12/23/2014
Thirty-two Montana teachers have been selected to participate in the national Teacher Leadership Initiative, a program to develop a new generation of leaders within the teaching profession.

State employee members ratify pay plan agreement 12/22/2014
The vote is in: MEA-MFT’s state employee members have ratified the state employee pay plan agreement.

Graduate assistant members at MSU Bozeman ratify their first contract 12/10/2014
Graduate teaching and research assistants at MSU Bozeman will get a fairer deal on the job now that they have bargained and ratified their first contract.

State employee pay plan tentative agreement reached 11/06/2014
The team representing Montana’s state employee unions and the team for Governor Bullock’s office reached a tentative agreement on the state pay plan today.

Craig Beals of Billings: 2015 Montana Teacher of the Year! 09/22/2014
Craig Beals has a message to deliver: “Those who can, teach.”

MEA-MFT members star in “Montanans for the Common Core” video project 09/09/2014
Three MEA-MFT members star in the first of several videos featuring Montanans talking about the Montana Common Core Standards. More to come!

Bozeman EA members innovate, create, deliver 09/08/2014
Congratulations to Bozeman Education Assoc. President Tami Phillippi and BEA for securing this major grant from one of MEA-MFT's two national affiliates, the National Education Assoc.

Gov Bullock to kids: Work hard, have fun 08/27/2014
Montana Governor Steve Bullock has this inspirational back-to-school message for Montana's kids.

Melanie Charlson is new VP of MEA-MFT  08/04/2014
The MEA-MFT Board of Directors voted August 2 to elect Melanie Charlson as the new vice president of MEA-MFT.

7 MT teachers are state finalists in presidential awards 07/31/2014
Seven Montana Teachers Chosen as State Finalists for Presidential Science and Math Teaching Awards

Top MT teachers to celebrate effective teaching 07/16/2014
First-ever “ECET2-Montana” event (Elevating & Celebrating Effective Teaching & Teachers)

Anne Keith on the new math standards 06/30/2014
Bozeman math teacher Anne Keith is a National Board Certified Montana Teacher of the Year. She wrote this essay supporting Montana's Career and College Ready Standards, once upon a time referred to as "common core."

Video: ALEC in Montana 06/12/2014
Montana PBS did a great documentary on how the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is working in secret to pass its bills in state legislatures -- including Montana's. Don't miss this!

Anna Baldwin & the Warrior Trail 05/14/2014
MEA-MFT member Anna Baldwin, Montana Teacher of the Year, brought her students from Arlee High School to spend part of the day with Governor Steve Bullock yesterday. It's quite a story.

Stand up to ALEC! 05/14/2014
The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) claims its education mission is to “promote excellence in the nation’s educational system,” yet its “model” legislation advocates for policies that defund public services, distort the curriculum, and undercut our educators.

MEA-MFT applauds Sen. Tester's NURSE Act to address school nurse shortage 05/07/2014
MEA-MFT, Montana’s largest labor union, today applauded Montana U.S. Senator Jon Tester for introducing a bill to increase the number of school nurses in America’s k-12 public schools.

Sen. Tester passes resolution honoring public servants 05/06/2014
In honor of Public Service Recognition Week, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution introduced by Senator Jon Tester (Montana) honoring federal, state and local government employees, both civilian and military, for their dedication and continued service to the United States.

MEA-MFT member named top technology instructor for U.S. and Canada 05/02/2014
Congratulations to MEA-MFT member Bruce Brumley, technology teacher for City College at Montana State University Billings.

Billings members receive $5,000 grant  04/23/2014
MEA-MFT members Susan Irion and Kristie Martin have received a $5,000 Learning & Leadership Grant from the NEA Foundation.

MEA-MFT celebrates Members of the Year 04/15/2014
Members of the Year are leaders in their professions and in their local MEA-MFT unions. They are extraordinarily dedicated to the Montana citizens they serve and to their coworkers.

On the shoulders of giants: MEA-MFT Hall of Fame 04/09/2014
MEA-MFT recently created a Hall of Fame to honor the heroes and trail blazers who made this union the stronghold of hope that it is today.

Moved, motivated, & fired up: RA 2014  03/31/2014
"Energy, excitement -- people were buzzing."

MT Tech students & profs protest right wing speaker 03/27/2014
Some faculty and students at Montana Tech plan an unprecedented boycott of the university’s spring commencement in protest of the ceremony’s featured speakers, a wealthy couple from Bozeman whose critics say have radical social and religious views.

Medicaid expansion back on track 03/27/2014
Initiative 170 (I-170) will make health coverage through Medicaid available for an additional 70,000 low-income Montanans. It would create thousands of jobs in Montana. It's the right thing to do.

Supreme Court says no to LR 127 03/25/2014
LR 127 is gone. A good day for voters' rights.

Great news on Montana's state health centers 03/17/2014
Montana’s new state health centers are saving money for state employees and taxpayers alike. And they’re improving state workers’ health. The results are even better than expected.

Launching the Montana Digital Professional Learning Network 03/03/2014
MEA-MFT is working in partnership with the Montana Digital Academy, School Administrators of Montana, and the Office of Public Instruction to help schools implement the standards smoothly and on Montana’s terms.

Member Brent Lonner featured in national publication 02/11/2014
MEA-MFT member Brent Lonner, a wildlife biologist with the Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, is prominently featured on the front cover of AFT's Spring 2014 Public Employee Advocate.

MEA-MFT member Angela McLean chosen as Lt. Gov. 02/10/2014
Governor Steve Bullock has tapped Anaconda teacher and the chair of the Montana Board of Regents, Angela McLean, to serve as Montana’s 31st Lieutenant Governor.

MT's school community unites behind MUST 02/04/2014
Montana School Boards Association (MTSBA), School Administrators of Montana (SAM), MEA-MFT, and the Montana Rural Education Association (MREA) are pleased to come together in support of the Montana Unified School Trust (MUST), whose sole mission is to provide health benefits to Montana’s public schools.

Good news for public employee pensions 02/03/2014
The Tea Party legislators who want to undo Montana's current defined benefit pensions for public employees should read this:

Presidential Awardees support Common Core 01/23/2014

PERS & TRS GABA reduction stopped for now 01/22/2014
Good news: The litigation that MEA-MFT helped sponsor has resulted in reduction of GABA (Guaranteed Annual Benefit Adjustment) for PERS & TRS retirees being suspended for now.

17 more Montana teachers earn National Board Certification 01/21/2014
Congratulations to the 17 Montana teachers who recently achieved National Board Certification, thus joining the ranks of the nation’s top K-12 educators.

Presidential math and science winners 01/21/2014
Elizabeth Matthews, Gallatin Gateway School, Gallatin Gateway (Science)and Melissa Romano, Four Georgians Elementary, Helena (Math)are presidential winners.

Important tax information for members 01/03/2014
Important tax notice: You can deduct your MEA-MFT dues from your taxes, but only if you itemize deductions, and only if your dues plus other miscellaneous deductions add up to at least 2 percent of your adjusted gross income.

Judge grants injunction stopping GABA reduction in TRS 12/30/2013
Late in the afternoon of Dec. 27, Judge Mike Menahan granted MEA-MFT's request for a preliminary injunction that prevents the state from implementing a serious GABA reduction come January 1 in the Teachers Retirement System.

New project to build power for state employee members 12/03/2013
MEA-MFT and its state employee members have launched a new project to build power within state employee locals.

Eileen Sheehy recognized as one of nation's top teachers 11/21/2013
WASHINGTON, DC – MEA-MFT member Eileen Sheehy will be recognized as one of the nation's top teachers in February.

Common Core: Myths Undressed 10/23/2013
Please check out what one of Montana's most distinguished educators has to say, yet again, about Common Core and the wrong-headed myths opponents like to spread.

PERS amortizes! 10/11/2013
As expected, as a result of HB 454 passed in the last legislative session, the Montana Public Employees’ Retirement [Pension] System now amortizes. This is great news.

Teachers Retirement GABA complaint officially filed 10/11/2013
Pursuant to our belief the 2013 legislature unnecessarily stepped over constitutional and statutory lines when it amended reductions in guaranteed annual benefit adjustments into HB 377 that has amortized and saved the Teachers Retirement System as a pension system, this morning in a Helena district court, MEA-MFT and individual named plaintiffs filed a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and Relief.

Good news: MUST partners with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Montana  10/09/2013
Effective July 1, 2014, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana will begin processing medical, dental, and vision claims for all MUST members.

22 Montana Teachers of the Year issue statement supporting Common Core 10/04/2013
In an unprecedented move, 22 Montana Teachers of the Year have banded together to make a statement. These teachers strongly support Montana's Common Core Standards.

Health care cost containment for state employees puts more money on Montana main streets 09/24/2013
due to recent cost containment measures for the State’s employee health care plan and an increase in the state share, employees’ cost for health care will decrease in January 2014.

Anna Baldwin of Arlee named 2014 Montana Teacher of the Year 09/23/2013
Anna Baldwin “basically didn’t believe it” when she got the phone call from Eileen Sheehy at 8:00 last night, telling her she had been selected as the 2014 Montana Teacher of the Year.

50 year anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” 08/22/2013
Dr. King’s legacy was about public education & unions as well as civil rights.

Great news: Montana pension investments gain 10% 08/22/2013
The folks who invest and manage your pension dollars are doing a great job. Here's proof.

Fund public services, end corporate tax dodging 08/21/2013
MEA-MFT member-leaders Shannon Bender and Jill Cohenour led the charge today at a rally urging Congress to stop corporate tax dodging and restore funding for education and other crucial public services.

221 Montana children forced out of Head Start by sequestration cuts 08/20/2013
Nationwide, Head Start programs will have to eliminate services for 57,265 children in the coming school year -- including 221 in Montana -- due to sequestration’s automatic, across-the-board spending cuts.

Montana Developmental Center members celebrate excellence 08/13/2013
MEA-MFT members working at the Montana Developmental Center (MDC) in Boulder joined with clients and their families August 9 to celebrate MDC’s pursuit of excellence.

MEA-MFT will litigate against attacks on GABA for TRS & PERS retirees 06/14/2013
“We are working right now with other advocate organizations representing current and future retirees on a common, comprehensive legal challenge,” said MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver.

Deal reached on state employee pay 06/10/2013
Governor Steve Bullock’s administration and Montana’s state employee unions have reached an agreement to institute pay raises over each of the next two years.

Praise for Corrections employees 06/10/2013
Bob Anez to Corrections employees: "No matter how anonymous you are and no matter what you do, the ripples from your role in ensuring the public safety of Montanans reach all corners of this state every single day. Don’t forget the work you do saves lives.”

Public employee & teacher pensions SAVED! 06/04/2013
The 2013 Montana legislative session was do-or-die time for saving Montana’s public employee pension systems and making them actuarially sound. Working with Governor Steve Bullock and other allies, we did it.

Gov. Bullock signs school funding bill, vetoes privatization bill 05/06/2013
Today, Governor Steve Bullock signed SB 175 (L.Jones) - to fund public schools - as passed by the legislature. This is the bipartisan bill that MEA-MFT and the rest of Montana's public school community worked so hard together to pass this session.

Students need governor’s signature on SB175 04/25/2013
MEA-MFT agrees with the Billings Gazette on this.

Session over: Against all odds, we did well 04/24/2013
The Senate has adjourned sine die. Session over. The news on this strange day should be very interesting.

House adjourns after passing school privatization bill 04/24/2013
Unfortunately, before adjourning the House passed SB 81 (Lewis) – to authorize tax credits for private and religious education school scholarships.

HB 377 (save TRS) passes 3rd reading 04/22/2013
HB 377, the bill to amortize the Teachers Retirement System, just passed its final vote.

HB 454 (PERS fix) passes final hurdle 04/22/2013
HB 454, the bill to amortize and save the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) just passed House 3d reading.

HB 13 passes legislature 04/20/2013
HB 13 (Swanson) – the state employee pay – has officially passed the legislature.

School funding bill on its way to governor's desk 04/19/2013

MEA-MFT celebrates 2013 Members of the Year 04/18/2013
Congratulations to Alex Schaeffer, Michael Hoffman, and Marilyn Besich!

Tammy Pilcher elected vice president of MEA-MFT 04/18/2013
MEA-MFT Representative Assembly delegates elected a new vice president April 5: Tammy Pilcher.

Rep. Assembly delegates rededicate themselves to the cause 04/18/2013
From Libby to Wolf Point, East Glacier to Glasgow and all points in between, MEA-MFT members from across Montana came to Helena for the annual MEA-MFT Representative Assembly (RA) April 5 and 6.

Pension bills pass 3rd reading, school funding advances 04/17/2013
An amazing couple of days at the Montana Legislature.

Please support businesses that support state employees! 04/11/2013
The following businesses proudly display flyers proclaiming their support for Montana state employees. Please wear your 5/5 pins to these businesses and THANK THEM FOR THEIR SUPPORT!! And please give them your support.

Members testify for HB 13 04/10/2013
MEA-MFT members and others testified eloquently in support of HB 13, the state pay plan, before the Senate Finance and Claims Committee April 9.

More than 300 delegates attend 2013 Rep. Assembly 04/08/2013
Locally elected MEA-MFT from all over Montana came to Helena for the annual Representative Assembly April 5 and 6.

Need help with your student loan? 04/02/2013
MEA-MFT created this program back in the 2007 legislative session. It has already assisted hundreds of qualifying Montana public school teachers. Check it out. You may qualify. Applicatinon deadline: April 30, 2013.

Voting yes for AFMSU 03/28/2013
Faculty at Montana State University Bozeman are voting now on the issue of whether to keep their four-year-old union, the Associated Faculty of MSU (AFMSU). Union supporters on campus produced this great video about their choice to vote YES for AFMSU.

Pension bills and state pay plan pass House: on to Senate 03/27/2013
The Montana House has just passed the state pay plan, along with the governor's bills to amortize and thus save the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) and Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

HB 13 passes the House 03/27/2013
Good news: HB 13, the state pay plan, has passed the House. This means it's still alive, still in play, and we still have a chance to fully fund it and restore 5 & 5 for all state employees.

MT Developmental Center saved - again 03/22/2013
The Montana Developmental Center survived another close call in the legislature yesterday. The bill to close MDC (SB 254) was originally killed in committee on a bipartisan vote. The bill's sponsor then succeeded in passing a "blast" motion to bring it to the floor of the House for debate and a vote.

Montana's education community gathers for Day of Advocacy 03/19/2013
This legislative session, Montana teachers, school administrators, trustees, and other public school advocates are working together as never before on behalf of Montana’s children and their education.

Pay plan bill altered in committee 03/18/2013
House Appropriations Committee finally acted on HB 13, the state pay plan.

Protect our public schools: help stop SB 374 03/15/2013
Senate Bill 374 (Lewis) is a bill to take taxpayer dollars away from Montana’s public schools and give the money to “charter” schools. It’s bad for our public schools, children, and MEA-MFT members.

HB 13 wounded but not dead 03/14/2013
"HB 13 is not dead. Wounded, but not dead."

Head Start funding bill goes down 03/14/2013
The House Education Committee voted No on MEA-MFT's Head Start funding bill (HB 353) on a party line vote. Democrats voted yes, Republicans no.

SB 175: school funding & property tax relief 03/12/2013
SB 175 is the main k-12 school funding bill of this session. Watch a video of Eric Feaver talking about the bill.

"Free HB 13!" say state employees 03/08/2013
More than 30 Montana state employees lined the halls outside the House Appropriations Committee today during their lunch break, holding signs saying, “Free HB 13.” The signs showed House Bill 13 behind bars.

Protecting your pension 03/06/2013
For MEA-MFT, protecting our members' pensions is a top priority for the 2013 legislative session.

Anti-public school bills abound 03/04/2013
We are seeing an all-out assault on public schools this legislative session. To date, six bills meant to privatize public schools have been introduced. And so far, they are passing.

MEA-MFT and allies release mid-session voting record 03/04/2013
MEA-MFT and our allies in Montana public education have been working together as never before during the 2013 Montana Legislature.

Major school funding bill advances 03/04/2013
SB 175, sponsored by Sen. Llew Jones, is the k-12 school funding bill of this session – and it passed the Senate Feb. 23. Now it must pass the House.

School privatization bill advances 02/20/2013
The Montana Senate has passed SB 81 (Lewis) – a "tuition tax credit" bill to create taxpayer funded public, private, and religious school scholarship organizations and scholarships.

More than 100 state employees gather for Pay Plan Day of Action 02/18/2013
State and university employees from across Montana gathered at the state capitol for the second Pay Plan Day of Action today.

Charter school bill dies on 3rd reading 02/12/2013
House Bill 315, the charter school bill, just died on third reading in the House this afternoon.

The charter school hoax 02/06/2013
The truth about charter schools.

Education funding makeover bill 02/04/2013
MEA-MFT and our partners in the education coalition have been very involved in working on this bill. It's a work in progress. We support SB 175, the bill described in this article.

Save the Montana Developmental Center! 02/04/2013
Some legislators in the 2013 Montana Legislature are talking seriously about closing the Montana Developmental Center in Boulder.

Legislators gunning for your pension 01/30/2013
Protecting public employees' and teachers' pensions is one of MEA-MFT's top priorities this legislative session. Some legislators are gunning for your pension.

Koch brothers champion private schools in Montana 01/29/2013
The notorious right-wing, billionaire Koch brothers sent their minions to Montana’s capitol yesterday, in their attempt to tear down Montana’s quality public schools.

HB 13 hearing: members hit it out of the park 01/24/2013
Several MEA-MFT members testified yesterday at the hearing on HB 13, the state pay plan. Along with other state and higher education employees, they did an excellent job of making the case for passing HB 13 and lifting the salary freeze.

200+ participate in Pay Plan Day of Action 01/22/2013
More than 200 Montana state and higher education employees took part in the State Pay Plan Day of Action.

Our legislative agenda 01/22/2013
Buckle your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy legislative session. MEA-MFT is ready for the ride.

Martin Luther King & Day of Action 01/21/2013
MEA-MFT member and legislator Amanda Curtis shares this timely quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. -- just in time for the State Pay Plan Day of Action:

Montana Digital Academy picking up steam 01/18/2013
MEA-MFT had a huge impact on making this successful program a reality.

The United States of ALEC 01/18/2013
This new Bill Moyers documentary shows how the private sector and state politicians are teaming up to enact laws that increase corporate profits at public expense without public knowledge. They're doing it in Montana, too. Right now.

Did You Know? Stories about our great schools 01/08/2013
"Did You Know...Stories About the Great Work of Montana's Schools" was created by asking parents, administrators, teachers, and others about some of the innovative programs taking place in their local schools.

Essential truths about our schools 12/21/2012
MEA-MFT recently teamed up with other other education advocacy groups in Montana to produce a major new document, “Essential Truths About the Great Work of Montana’s Public Schools.”

State employees warm the hearts of homeless kids 12/19/2012
MEA-MFT member and state employee Cheryl Parker, a compliance specialist at the state’s Child Support Enforcement Division in Missoula, shares this wonderful story of holiday giving:

Sandy Welch drops recount request 12/11/2012
Republican Sandy Welch is dropping her request for a recount in the state schools superintendent race that she narrowly lost to incumbent Denise Juneau.

MEA-MFT joins lawsuit challenging “Proof of Citizenship” Referendum 12/10/2012
Public employees shouldn't be held liable for determining whether a person is a legal immigrant or not. That's why MEA-MFT has joined with the Montana Immigrant Justice Alliance in a lawsuit to challenge and enjoin Legislative Referendum 121.

The latest on our pay plan ULP  11/29/2012
Ongoing saga of our Unfair Labor Practice charge saying the 2011 Legislature failed to bargain in good faith when it didn't pass the state pay plan.

Cecil B. Crawford featured in news story 11/28/2012
Cecil B. Crawford, MEA-MFT board member and 2012 Education Support Professional of the Year, was featured recently in a full-length article in the Missoulian.

Denise Juneau wins 11/21/2012
With the provisional ballots now in, Denise Juneau wins the superintendent of public instruction race. Great news!

Pupils before profit: Amanda Curtis 11/21/2012
MEA-MFT member Amanda Curtis wrote the following guest editorial debunking myths about charter schools. Amanda teaches math in Butte and has been elected to serve in the 2013 Montana Legislature.

Jan LaBonty on charter schools 11/21/2012
MEA-MFT member Jan LaBonty has written an excellent guest editorial exposing on the myth of charter schools.

TRS can be fixed - here's how 11/20/2012
Here is "the rest of the story," the real story about unfunded liability in the Montana Teachers' Retirement System

Election results 11/14/2012
MEA-MFT and our members worked our hearts out for our endorsed candidates, the candidates who believe in public services, public education, and employees' rights. It paid off.

Eileen Sheehy is 2013 Montana Teacher of the Year! 09/24/2012
Congratulations to Montana's newest Teacher of the Year!

Learn more about the new Health Center for state employees 08/29/2012
Learn more about the Montana Health Center, a primary care and urgent care clinic for State of Montana employees and their dependents covered on the State’s health plan. The Center opens in Helena Friday August 31.

Former MEA-MFT vice president Jim McGarvey dies 08/28/2012
Jim McGarvey, former vice president of MEA-MFT and longtime president of the former Montana Federation of Teachers, passed away this morning.

Why do the Koch brothers want to destroy public schools? 08/16/2012
Charles and David Koch, the infamous right-wing billionaires who are trying to destroy unions, are also out to get public schools. Watch this telling video.

LR 123 is OFF THE BALLOT 08/10/2012
The Montana Supreme Court ruled today upholding the District Court decision that Legislative Referendum 123 is indeed blatantly unconstitutional and therefore will not appear on Montana’s November ballot.

MEA-MFT members at AFT convention 07/30/2012
Fifteen folks from MEA-MFT particiated in the AFT convention July 27-30 in Detroit, MI.

What ALEC has in mind for public schools 07/24/2012
Remember ALEC, the corporate group that secretly spoon feeds bills to state legislatures? Including bills to privatize public schools, take away public employees' bargaining rights, and kill teacher tenure? Watch this new video, showing ALEC's efforts to divert public school dollars to private CEOs' bank accounts.

Eric Feaver responds to group broadcasting state employee salaries 07/18/2012
MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver has sent the following letter to the Montana Policy Institute regarding its new web site that broadcasts state employees' compensation.

LR 123: Something wicked this way comes 07/13/2012
Legislative Referendum 123 is a ballot measure that gives tax rebates to the richest Montanans even if it means slashing funds for schools, public safety, and all other public services. It is slated to appear on Montana's November ballot. We can stop it. You can help.

LR 123: a dangerous gimmick 07/10/2012
Ed Jasmin, a longtime Montana businessman, banker, and Board of Regents member, recently penned this guest editorial against Legislative Referendum 123.

NEA Director John Stocks visits Montana reservation schools 06/30/2012
MEA-MFT members working in Montana’s Indian reservation schools do heroic work for children. They do it in the face of overwhelming poverty, isolation, and harsh conditions most Americans can’t even imagine – including the politicians in Washington, DC who make policy decisions about education.

Two Montana teachers win presidential awards for math & science 06/29/2012
Congratulations to Carol Pleninger and Tammy Johnson, Montana's two new national presidential awardees for science & math teaching.

Student loan rate hike stopped! 06/29/2012
With just days to go before the final deadline, members of Congress reached a deal to stop interest rates on student loans from doubling.

State employee union members ratify pay plan agreement  06/27/2012
Rank-and-file state employee members of MEA-MFT and our fellow unions have voted overwhelmingly to ratify the pay plan agreement negotiated earlier this month.

Wisconsin: Walker stays, the fight goes on 06/06/2012
In Wisconsin, unlimited corporate money carried the day in the recall election of Gov. Scott Walker.

MEA-MFT Members of the Year on radio news 04/26/2012
Listen MEA-MFT's 2012 Members of the Year -- Cecil B. Crawford, Shannon Bender, Kari Cargill, and Sandy Osborne -- on radio news.

Tax Day: thank taxes 04/17/2012
Tax Day is here. It's the day we pool our resources as citizens to buy the things that create a civilized society.

Gov. Schweitzer unveils plan to fix PERS & TRS 04/11/2012
MEA-MFT supports the governor's plan to do what must be done to eliminate unfunded liability in the Teachers' and Public Employees' Retirement Systems.

Bob Brown says "NO" on LR 123 04/10/2012

MSU graduate employees join MEA-MFT 04/10/2012
Welcome to the nearly 600 graduate assistant employees at MSU-Bozeman, who have voted by a whopping margin to form a union and join MEA-MFT!

Schools get $4.6 million thanks to Steve Bullock 04/05/2012
Note that without the able and committed leadership of Attorney General Steve Bullock, there would have been no deal at all.

Feaver testifies on public employee retirement 04/04/2012
MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver testifies before the Legislative Finance Committee on public employees' and teachers' retirement.

Rep. Assembly rocks! 04/02/2012
More than 400 MEA-MFT delegates rocked the Hilton Garden Inn in Missoula March 30-31 at the MEA-MFT Representative Assembly.

LR 119 declared unconstitutional 03/21/2012
Should Montanans keep the right to elect their state supreme court justices and chief justice? Some legislators don't think so.

Wisconsin, one year later 03/12/2012
Reclaim Wisconsin! On Saturday March 10, 2012, more than 62,000 Wisconsinites returned to their state capitol to mark the one year anniversary of the passage of Gov. Walker's union-busting bill.

Congrats to MEA-MFT's members of the year! 02/06/2012
Each year, MEA-MFT honors several members who have made outstanding contributions in their jobs and as MEA-MFT leaders. MEA-MFT recently named our 2012 members of the year.

Sensible solutions for state pensions 01/19/2012
Our public employee retirement systems are not going bankrupt today or tomorrow or in the immediate future. We have plenty of time to address unfunded liabilities if our legislature would abandon pension-envy politics and hysterical, too predictably partisan, rhetoric.

Dr. King, education, public service, & labor unions 01/13/2012
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. dedicated his life to working for a more just and equal society. He believed that public education was the great arm of justice. He honored public servants as heroes. He believed in labor unions.

Good news about Head Start 11/11/2011
Head Start has been in the national news a lot lately. And the results are good.

MSU-Bozeman members ratify first contract 10/31/2011
The vote is in, and history has been made: Members of the Associated Faculty of Montana State University (AFMSU) have ratified their first collective bargaining agreements. Members voted on the agreements Wednesday, Oct. 26. The vote was counted today at MSU.

MEA-MFT works with regents to prioritize salaries 10/11/2011
MEA-MFT has worked extensively with the regents and Commissioner of Higher Education Sheila Stearns to put university and faculty salaries first. “Montana faculty salaries already are among the lowest in the nation,” said Tom Burgess, MEA-MFT’s field consultant for higher education locals.

MEA-MFT fights dangerous ballot measure 10/06/2011
MEA-MFT has joined other groups in filing a lawsuit against a dangerous ballot measure.

Unions submit demand to bargain on state pay plan 10/04/2011

Tom Pedersen is Montana Teacher of the Year 2012! 09/30/2011
Congratulations to Tom Pedersen, science teacher at Capital High School in Helena, Montana Teacher of the Year for 2012!

Obama: states can opt out of NCLB - with conditions 09/24/2011
President Obama announced that states can opt out of the most rigid requirements of the No Child Left Behind law.

Workplace bullying resources 09/12/2011
MEA-MFT Faculty Member of the Year Grant Mitman recommends the following resources on workplace bullying, from a special session at this year's NEA Representative Assembly.

Unions negotiate freeze for state employee health insurance costs 08/23/2011
Good news for Montana state employees! MEA-MFT, the Montana Public Employees Association, and AFSCME have worked a deal with Governor Schweitzer to freeze, for the next plan year, increases in state employee health insurance costs.

National poll shows strong support for teachers 08/17/2011
Americans admire and respect public school teachers more than ever. They respect the teaching profession, they like their local schools, and they recognize the role funding plays in school qualtiy.

Denise Juneau leads rebellion against NLCB  08/15/2011
Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau recently took on the U.S. Dept. of Education and the supremely flawed No Child Left Behind law -- and won.

Americans want jobs, not cuts to Social Security & Medicare 08/12/2011
The American Dream movement is busy this summer telling Congress what Americans really want when it comes to government spending and the economy. There’s a Contract For The American Dream that lays out a progressive alternative to austerity policies.

Thanks to MEA-MFT, 141 teachers get help with student loans  08/11/2011
Read the article below, and know that after several legislative years of trying, MEA-MFT created the Montana student loan repayment program for teachers in the 2007 legislative session.

Stock Market Plunge Just What The Tea Party Ordered? 08/09/2011

Montana Schools of Promise 08/07/2011
Montana Superintendent Denise Juneau has taken on a huge task, but if anyone can lead Montana toward real schools of promise, she can. And MEA-MFT will help every step on the way.

ALEC outed: the right-wing conspiracy behind bad bills 08/04/2011
Who's behind efforts to destroy public employee unions in Wisconsin and elsewhere, shove right-wing legislation through state legislatures, and turn over public services to for-profit corporations? Meet ALEC.

Matt Damon lauds teachers at Save Our Schools rally 08/02/2011
“Millions of us are behind you. We love you!” actor Matt Damon told public school teachers at the national "Save Our Schools" march and rally in Washington, D.C., July 30.

The debt ceiling deal: our take 08/02/2011
MEA-MFT is evaluating exactly how badly the newly adopted federal deficit/debt ceiling act will impact Montana public programs and services.

Unnecessary cuts hard to forget 07/22/2011
As we begin this fiscal new year, it’s a good time to think about what your state legislators are working toward: Long-term prosperity for Montana? Or pulling the rug out from under those trying to make a better life for themselves and their communities?

Carolyn Sime: A class act! 07/22/2011
A class act MEA-MFT member doing Work that Matters!

Unions key to reviving the middle class, Krugman says 07/12/2011
Many of the remedies being misapplied to the nation's ailing economy are nothing more than public policy myths that grew out of the oil-shock recessions of 40 years ago, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman told an AFT TEACH conference audience on July 11.

MEA-MFT 2011 Legislative Voting Record 06/20/2011
The grades are in for the 2011 Montana Legislature. How did your legislators do on our issues? Read the MEA-MFT 2011 Legislative Voting Record and find out.

Pay plan update 06/16/2011
Montana's executive branch responds to the Unfair Labor Practice charge filed by MEA-MFT and our fellow unions.

Yep, the money was there 06/15/2011
All through the 2011 session, MEA-MFT said the money was there to fund public education and public services. And it was. Every dollar of destructive cuts made by the 2011 Legislature were completely unnecessary.

UM Western prof wins national award 06/10/2011
Students of MEA-MFT member Delena Norris-Tull know to pull on their boots before class.

Paraprofessionals Achieving Standards Successfully (PASS) 06/07/2011
PASS for paras MEA-MFT's acclaimed course to help Montana paraprofessionals meet the "high quality" definition in the No Child Left Behind Act

Keep the Rally Alive! 06/04/2011
Please help keep the spirit of our April 1 No Fooling with our Future Rally strong!

Letter to the governor on state pay plan 05/17/2011
MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver submitted the following open letter to Governor Brian Schweitzer to newspapers across Montana in May.

Denise Juneau vs NCLB 05/12/2011
Montana's Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau recently drew a line in the sand with the No Child Left Behind Act.

State budget: where it stands 05/02/2011
It was almost so much worse.

Session over 05/02/2011
The 2011 Montana Legislature has finally ground to a halt. Final bill status report

How high are taxes? 04/30/2011
Despite the outcry from conservatives about taxes, tax collections are in fact at historic lows and tax rates for the rich have been declining for years.

Outstanding Math & Science Teachers 04/28/2011
Two Montana teachers have been named as 2010 outstanding math and science teachers by President Obama.

Victory on teacher tenure! 04/27/2011
The House rejected SB 315 (Ripley) - a bill to redefine good cause and truncate due process in the teacher tenure statutes.

House rejects state pay plan again 04/21/2011
The Montana House voted to reconsider the state pay plan, HB 13, today. Then, following heated debated, the bill died on second reading, 42-58.

Jim McGarvey to retire 04/19/2011
im McGarvey, executive secretary of the Montana State AFL-CIO and former MEA-MFT vice president, announced plans to retire this week.

Help pass the jobs bill 04/18/2011
Apr. 18 - Today, the only real jobs bill – HB 439 (Hollenbaugh) - is up for what could be its final vote, in the House. It must receive at least 67 or a 2/3ds vote. You can help.

Veto branding begins 04/13/2011
Several MEA-MFT members, governance, and staff walked across the street from MEA-MFT's headquarters office in Helena to attend Governor Schweitzer's branding party today.

Teacher tenure attack still in play 04/13/2011
For the second time, the Montana House has passed consideration of SB 315 (Ripley), the attack on teacher tenure. Your e-mails are working. Keep it up!

Budget cut battle 04/12/2011
Apr 13 - Where the budget battles stands now. All cuts hurt!

HB603 tabled! 04/11/2011
Great news: HB 603, the insidious school privatization bill, was tabled Apr. 11. SB 315 remains and needs your URGENT ACTION.

Rep. Assembly report 04/06/2011
The largest MEA-MFT Representative Assembly (RA) in history took place in Helena April 1-2. More than 350 delegates attended, representing 97 MEA-MFT locals.

MEA-MFT Members of the Year 04/06/2011
More than 350 MEA-MFT members from across Montana honored three of their peers at a gala celebration in Helena April 1.

Vets Home saved for 3rd time 04/04/2011
Once again, MEA-MFT and our members have stopped an attempt to close and privatize the Montana Veterans Home in Columbia Falls.

2,000+ attend No Fooling with our Future Rally 04/01/2011
“The money is there. Where are your VALUES?” That’s the message participants sent to the Montana Legislature at our “No Fooling with our Future Rally.”

Putting a face on the budget cuts 03/29/2011
MEA-MFT is part of a coalition called the Partnership for Montana's Future, which just completed a video that puts a face -- many faces, actually -- to the Montana Legislature's needless budget cuts. Take a look.

School funding bill dies 03/24/2011
The Senate has killed SB 403 (Jones) – the latest k-12 school funding bill. Schools contemplate layoffs due to legislative gridlock.

Dangerous: HB 603 03/24/2011
HB 603 is one of the most dangerous school privatization bills ever introduced.

No Fooling w/our Future Rally Apr. 1 03/23/2011
At least a thousand Montanans from all over the state are expected to attend the rally against the legislature's senseless cuts to state services and education. Join us April 1 for the rally!

500+ attend Rally to Save Public Services & Education 03/09/2011
More than 500 Montanans braved the winter weather to travel to Helena Feb. 21 for a Rally to Save Public Services and Education.

Gov. defends public employee unions 02/25/2011
Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer gave an eloquent defense of public employees and teachers unions on MSNBC today.

The money IS there 02/24/2011
Legislatiave Fiscal Analyst says the State of Montana will collect $97 million more in revenues over the next 2½ years than he projected in mid-November. Yet still the majority party insists on draconian cuts.

The anti-union agenda 02/24/2011
These two editorials speak to a phenomenon we're seeing in Montana too – and MEA-MFT is fighting back.

Attack on tenure passes 02/23/2011
SB 315 passed weakens Montana's tenure laws for teachers for no good reason. We'll keep fighting it.

Bill to roll back state salaries 02/17/2011
HB 569, sponsored by Wayne Stahl (R-Saco), would roll back state employee salaries to October 1, 2005.

MT Teacher of the Year tells all 02/10/2011
MEA-MFT member and Montana 2011 Teacher of the Year Paul Andersen spoke to the Montana Legislature Feb. 9 about his ideas for improving education. Wow!

State budget cuts now over $1 billion! 02/07/2011
As of Feb. 3, 2011, the Republicans who control the Montana Legislature have made cumulative decisions that will cut the next state budget $1.3 billion below the governor's proposed budget.

One bad bill down 02/04/2011

Montanans rally against cuts 01/31/2011
More than 100 people from around Montana rallied Jan. 28 against legislative committees’ cuts to budgets for education and health and human service programs.

Governor lauds value of education 01/31/2011
Governor Brian Schweitzer said it all when he spoke about public education during his State of the State address Jan. 25: "The best path to a higher paying job is a good education. If you choose to cut funding for public education, you do so as a reflection of your values, because we have the money in the bank." Listen for yourself.

Day of Action a great success 01/18/2011
Nearly 100 state and university employees from across Montana participated in our Work That Matters Day of Action, Jan. 17, 2011.

Job-killing move at the legislature 01/12/2011
Jan. 10 - In a job-killing move, majority Republicans at the 2011 Legislature voted to chop some $500 million from Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer's proposals for the next two-year period.

Super classroom creativity: Montana style 01/11/2011
Public school teachers are some of the most creative folks on the planet. MEA-MFT asked some of our teacher/members for examples of innovative teaching, and we received dozens of replies. Here are a few of them. Move over, Superman.

Congratulations, NBC teachers! 01/11/2011
Seven more Montana teachers – all MEA-MFT members -- recently joined the ranks of the nation’s top certified teachers.

Paul Andersen is National Teacher of the Year finalist! 01/11/2011
Bozeman teacher and MEA-MFT member Paul Andersen has been selected as one of four finalists in the National Teacher of the Year Program – the highest honor a U.S. teacher can achieve.

Budget cuts without cause 01/06/2011

Striking back: super myths in "Superman" 01/02/2011
From high stakes testing to charter schools, Waiting for "Superman" is full of super myths.

Open season on teachers: Waiting for Superman 01/02/2011
Teacher bashing sank to new depths this fall with the release of Waiting for “Superman,” a film that claims to analyze the failures of the American public school system.

Head Start members speak up on new federal rules 01/02/2011

"Superman" critics speak out 01/02/2011
Across the nation, educators and others are pointing out the foibles in the film "Waiting for 'Superman.'" Here are some examples:

Local Values Come First in Montana’s Race to the Top Proposal 06/18/2010
Guest Editorial by Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau

Health insurance shocker 04/07/2010
Some MEA-MFT members in the MUST insurance plan will see huge increase in rates. Montana Sen. Jon Tester pleads our case before Congress. Read message from MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver and watch Sen. Tester's testimony.

Rob Thomas of UM Western named 1 of 4 U.S. Professors of the Year 04/07/2010
Sponsored by The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, the U.S. Professor of the Year program...

Work That Matters campaign 04/06/2010
MEA-MFT's Work That Matters campaign for public employees is back: MEA-MFT celebrates with help from a special national guest.

New: Electronic lifetime retired membership 04/02/2010

10th annual MEA-MFT Representative Assembly 03/27/2010
Your union, your voice! Hundreds of locally elected MEA-MFT members will gather to determine budget, dues, and priorities for their state union -- AND to celebrate MEA-MFT's 10th anniversary. Read more.

Thumbs down to Obama Administration's blueprint for k-12 public schools 03/17/2010
Obama Admin. releases blueprint for public schools. Teachers have severe concerns.

You may qualify for student loan assistance 03/03/2010
Student loan forgiveness: Need help paying your student loan? Many Montana teachers and licensed professionals may qualify for loan assistance programs.

Montana's state budget woes. 02/18/2010
Proposed cuts available online

MEA-MFT launches its award-winning Work That Matters campaign for public employees. 01/25/2010
AFT President Randi Weingarten was a special guest at our kick-off party Jan. 21. Read more. And watch a short video of Weingarten's visit.

MEA-MFT Faculty Member of the Year 01/01/2010
Nominate by Jan. 15, 2010. Nomination info

MEA-MFT to U.S. Education Secretary 10/29/2009
Race to the Top? MEA-MFT and other education leaders have serious misgivings about the Obama Administration's proposed grant guideslines.

CUF links: MEA-MFT faculty members get mobilized 10/12/2009
Oct. 09 - For decades, Montana’s public colleges and universities have been like 14 different islands, isolated and competing against each other for funding and resources.

Health care reform Montana style 10/10/2009
Innovative prescription drug plan will save money for state & university employees.

AFT's new e-newsletter for higher ed members. 10/08/2009
he American Federation of Teachers, one of MEA-MFT's two national affiliates, has created a new e-newsletter dedicated to the AFT’s Faculty and College Excellence (FACE) campaign and other issues related to academic staffing in higher education.

UM members settle contract 10/07/2009
Oct 7, ’09 - After more than ten months of bargaining, MEA-MFT members in the University Faculty Association (University of Montana) have a tentative agreement for a new collective bargaining agreement.

Foundation names Montana Teacher of the Year 2010 10/05/2009
In September, Anne Keith of Bozeman received that highest honor when she was named Montana Teacher of the Year for 2010.

Do sweat the small stuff: 09/02/2009
DPHHS members learn workplace problem-solving skills

AFMSU members adopt constitution, elect officers. 08/20/2009
Congratulations, AFMSU!

MEA-MFT battles privatization. 06/03/2009
MEA-MFT brings suit against the Montana Department of Corrections to require it to follow state law before outsourcing work that has historically been performed by public employees.

Senator Jon Tester visits Great Falls Head Start 05/01/2009

Million dollar men 05/01/2009
MEA-MFT members at UM Western win major grants for biomedical research.

Connecting the dots 04/29/2009
MEA-MFT member Karen Giuliani featured in national publication

Growing made-in-Montana higher education 04/20/2009
Two stories follow. All about Montanans - traditional and nontraditional students - pursing Montana higher education opportunities.

MSU vote - the word spreads! 04/15/2009

MSU-Bozeman faculty vote to join MEA-MFT! 04/14/2009
April 14, 2009 - “MEA-MFT is proud to welcome our newest members and local bargaining units, the Associated Faculty of Montana State University in Bozeman,” said MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver today.

Where we are: List of Montana campuses with MEA-MFT faculty unions 03/07/2009

Can hives save lives? Better bee-lieve it  02/06/2009

Historical society members fill a void 02/02/2009
New Montana History textbook has MEA-MFT members' fingerprints all over it.

MEA-MFT goes to bat for state funding of Head Start 02/01/2009

Victory for Missoula Head Start members 01/28/2009
Defending their rights.

'Work That Matters' wins 4th national award 06/01/2007

Work That Matters saves probation & parole jobs 03/27/2007
MEA-MFT reactivates our award-winning Work That Matters ad campaign.

Walking the line 05/29/2006
Correctional Officers at Montana State Prison keep us safe, despite tough conditions.

Hazardous duty  04/02/2006
Members learn to stop toxic leaks.

The TransCor nightmare 02/01/2006
Escaped prisoners illustrate why privatization doesn't work