MEA-MFT's amazing members!


MEA-MFT has nearly 18,000 amazing members. Below are just a few of them. Read about:
Craig Beals, 2015 Montana Teacher of the Year, and finalists Casey Olsen, and Tony Riehl

Brent Lonner
: Wildlife biologist

Anna Baldwin: 2014 Montana Teacher of the Year, and finalists Paul Swenson and Jan Krieger

Lucky 13 in '13: Our members in the 2013 Montana Legislature

Eileen Sheehy: 2013 Montana Teacher of the Year, and finalists LeAnne Yenny and Linda Ballew

2013 MEA-MFT Members of the Year: Alex Schaeffer (ESP), Michael Hoffman (Public Employee), Marilyn Besich (Faculty)

Charlie Martin: Keeping Montanans safe -- probation & parole

2012 MEA-MFT Members of the Year: Shannon Bender (Public Employee), Cecil B. Crawford (ESP), Kari Cargill and Sandy Osborne (Faculty)

Kathe Enix: Mental health associate

Rob Thomas
, US Professor of the Year

Hundreds of MEA-MFT members: Rallying for our future in 2011

2011 MEA-MFT Members of the Year: Janet Baum (ESP), Rich Aarstad (Public Employee), Dr. Grant G. Mitman (Faculty)

Tom Pedersen: 2012 Montana Teacher of the Year and finalists Amy Konen and Beth Thomas

Paul Andersen: 2011 Montana Teacher of the Year and finalists Elaine Stedman and Mary Dockstader Sullivan 

2010 MEA-MFT Members of the Year: Lynn Witts (ESP), Mike Kupilik (Faculty), Jill Cohenour (Public Employee)

Anne Keith: 2010 Montana Teacher of the Year and finalists Carol Pleninger & Jim Thompson

Jamie Diehl, MEA-MFT's 2009 student RA delegate.

David Weiss of Billings, Jeopardy! contestant, Scrabble star, and college professor.


Our members in the 2009 Legislature -- 16 of them!


Cathy Kuntz, one of 100+ members who traveled to Helena to lobby the 2009 Legislature


Joel Felix, Montana's best weapon against chemical terrorism


Denise Juneau, Montana's new Superintendent of Public Instruction


Erik Rykal, detention officer at the Jefferson County sheriff’s office


Sally Broughton of Bozeman: 2009 Montana Teacher of the Year


Patty & Amy Muir, like mother, like daughter


Cecil Crawford, artist and teacher


Dwain Lowry of Helena: state employee protecting newborn Montanans


Linda Auch of Billings: RA rep


Dee Neiter, 2008 Education Support Professional of the Year


Steve Gardiner, 2008 Montana Teacher of the Year


David Heppner of Box Elder: teaching technology


Linda Nichols of Deer Lodge: state employee helping prison inmates kick addictions


The McMorris family: Generations of members


Sparks will fly: MEA-MFT's young members rock.


Beckie Squires of Helena: 2007 Education Support Professional of the Year.


Gary Carmichael of Whitefish 2007 Montana Teacher of the Year


Bernie Olson of Lakeside: Unsung hero


Keith Hoyer of Belt: Linking his community together


Lori Thibodeau of Missoula: Keeping communities safe


Corey Boone: Future teacher


Genevieve Wilson of Rocky Boy School: Walking the walk


Monica Sayler of Great Falls: Giving independence to blind people


Angela Mclean of Anaconda: Rallying the troops


Joel Thompson of Great Falls: Meth buster


Jennifer Wasson and Dessica McKeehan of Great Falls: Expressions of Silence


Dana Eisenberg of Lone Rock: Wave of compassion


Jack Mattingly & Pat Gillen of Chinook: Colleagues & coincidences


Sherry Davidson-Glovan of Deer Lodge: Keeping Montanans safe


Chris Domitrovich of Missoula: Giving kids a Head Start


Tim Urbaniak of Billings: College of Technology teacher