MEA-MFT Communications

Keeping you informed, telling your story

Sanna Porte, Communications Director
Bringing our members news and information they can’t get elsewhere is an important part of what we do at MEA-MFT. Our communications director works to keep you in the loop, informed and involved in our union.

We use our quarterly newsletter, MEA-MFT Today, plus this web site, exclusive electronic updates, and more to keep you up to date on issues that affect you and your job. We provide legislative alerts, information on upcoming conferences and workshops, tips to help you on the job, news on member benefits, and profiles of your fellow MEA-MFT members around the state. 

MEA-MFT’s communications program also reaches out to educate Montanans about the important work our members do. We regularly launch public relations campaigns such as our award-winning Stand Up for Education and Work That Matters campaigns. Through news releases and news conferences, radio and newspaper ads, and presentations for community groups around the state, we bring your story to Montana citizens and political decision makers.

MEA-MFT also provides hands-on training to help our local leaders communicate effectively with their members and local communities.

Communications Director Sanna Porte works in MEA-MFT’s headquarters office. You can contact her at, 800-398-0826, or 406-447-1466.