MEA-MFT Organizing

MEA-MFT’s organizing director works with groups of Montana employees who want to form a local union affiliated with MEA-MFT.

We provide the resources and expertise necessary to help such groups gain the rights, the respect, and the recognition that all workers deserve.

Forming a local union has many benefits, including:  

  • Giving workers a collective voice in the decision-making process

  • A contract with employee rights clearly defined

  • Credibility: being taken seriously when you raise concerns with your employer

  • The resources, expertise, and assistance of MEA-MFT

  • Fair treatment

Without a union, your employer has the exclusive authority to unilaterally hire, fire, set wages, hours, and benefits, and make other decisions related to your employment. Without a union, employees have very few rights or protections.

MEA-MFT helps groups large and small form local unions. Our recent organizing successes include helping faculty at Montana State University-Bozeman form their own local MEA-MFT union, the Associated Faculty of MSU.

For more information about organizing, contact MEA-MFT Organizing Director Melissa Case:, 800.398.0826, or 457.4569.