Head Start Program & Policy Council

2009 MEA-MFT PPC Report


Members Present:
Shannon Bender (chair), Great Falls
Maureen Fournier, Great Falls
Kathy Keel, Great Falls
Deanna Henderson, Great Falls
Anna Perry, Great Falls
Colleen Kim, Great Falls
Jennifer Dudden, Missoula
Marcia Grey, Helena
Peggy Mills, Helena
Marcia Barfknecht, Helena
Melissa Case, MEA-MFT Staff


Action taken:  The PPC recommends MEA-MFT

1. Circulate draft legislation ASAP and determine if it’s still what we want [to provide state funding for Head Start]
2. Meet with Head Start Association ASAP to ask that we work in coalition to pass a bill.

3. Change perception of Head Start and staff through media and Work That Matters-like campaign.

4. Calendar events leading up to the 2011 session including but not limited to:

  • Target legislators to meet and invite to center for tour and possible press events.

  • Organize press events around Head Start days and other EC markers.

  • Build larger coalition: K-12, churches, community leaders, business leaders, Higher Ed, Tribal Head Starts, the HS Association, etc…

  • Improve relationships with all Head Start administration to pass legislation, ease stress at tables, and lower opposition to external organizing efforts.


5. Work more closely with MEA-MFT to promote:

  • More early childhood specific workshops/trainings at MEA-MFT Educators' conference.

  • Advertise and encourage Head Start employees going to Ed. conference.

  • Specific scholarships for Head Start or advertise better the ones we have.

  • Another CBA and 990 training from AFT and MEA-MFT.

  • Head Start participation at MEA-MFT Committee Weekend, district meetings and Rep. Assembly, etc.

  • PASS like program for Head Start employees to meet ACT requirements.