Coalition of Union Faculty (CUF) Program & Policy Council

2009 MEA-MFT PPC Report


Members Present:
Doug Coffin (chair), UFA
Mike Durnam, Miles City Community College
Jack Kirkley, U of M Western Faculty Assn.
Karen Leech, AFMSU
Craig McKenzie, VTEM
Grant Mitman, MTFA
Sandy Osborne, AFMSU
Curtis Smeby, Northern Federation
Tim Urbaniak, VTEM
Mary Verploegen, Northern Federation
Tom Burgess, MEA-MFT Staff


Action taken. The PPC recommends MEA-MFT:

1. Direct the president to write constitutional amendment to create additional vice-president that is a non K-12 member.  (Ruled out of order – conflict with federal law and AFT Constitution, January 20, 2010.)
2. Have MEA-MFT conduct a statewide media poll regarding public impressions/attitudes toward higher education and the MUS.