Membership & Organizing Committee

2009 MEA-MFT Standing Committee Report


Members Present:
Tammy Pilcher (chair), Helena EA
Cathy Kuntz, GFEA
Dee Henderson, Great Falls Head Start
Don Petersen, Evergreen EA
Lynn Witts, Polson Classified
Grant Mitman, MTFA
Janet Baum, BCEA
Karen Moses, Retired
Karen Leech, AFMSU
Karin Stanford, Lone Rock EA
Linda Sather, Revenue
Jill Gallagher, Revenue
Michele Farmer, Harlem EA
Ron Kimmet, Big Horn EA
Shannon Bender, Great Falls Head Start
Melissa Case, MEA-MFT Staff

Action taken:  The committee recommends MEA-MFT

Develop a task force to address troubled and crisis locals – those locals with membership dipping below 50% and those below 30%.

The task force will:

1. Develop criteria for identifying troubled and crisis locals.
2. Reach out to troubled and crisis locals in a targeted fashion
3. Develop a training model and an internal organizing model
4. Visit with local leaders both in person and by phone to ensure movement
5. Set specific goals and objectives for the state, i.e. go from 807 agency fee to 200 increasing membership by 607
6. Develop Best Practices in organizing - using what’s worked in locals with high membership:  

a. One-on-one visits
b. Campaign plans with measurable goals and objectives
c. Team of leaders to accomplish plan
d. High road issues....organize around workplace issues
e. Don’t let administration organize for you i.e. sign up new employees on rep fee vs. membership form
f. Mapping, Charting and assessments are key components of the plan
g. Keep it simple
h. Never stop organizing & celebrate victories