Professional Issues & Development Committee

2009 MEA-MFT Standing Committee Report


Members Present:
Sharon Applegate (chair), Kalispell EA
Lori Bremer, Red Lodge EA
Deana Elder, Billings Classified EA
Jeff Greenfield, Billings EA
Sue Furey, Missoula EA
Patti Harrison, Bozeman EA
Kathy Keel, Great Falls Head Start
Colleen Kivi, Great Falls Head Start
Trish Klock, Helena EA
Linda Leligdowicz, Billings Classified EA
Suzi Lumpry, St. Ignatius FT
Sara Novak, Anaconda TU
Christy Peeples, Kalispell EA
Sandy Osborne, AFMSU
Alex Schaeffer, Kalispell Classified
Glenna Scott, Hamilton Classified EA
Dave Severson, Missoula EA
Curtis Smeby, Northern FT
Mary Verploegen, Northern FT
Judie Woodhouse, Polson EA
Marco Ferro, MEA-MFT Staff

Action taken. The committee recommends MEA-MFT:

1. Work with OPI staff to jointly review the process for OPI SRT visits to schools that are in “needs improvement” status, focusing on how teachers can be better informed and prepared for these visits.
2. Encourage MEA-MFT and OPI to present a comprehensive workshop at the Educators’ Conference on the 9 correlates of effective schools.

3. Promote NEA Academy courses for ESPs once they have been developed.

4. Examine the possibility of bringing the AFT “Making Data Work for You” course to Montana.

5. Explore professional development opportunities around creating positive adult to adult working relationships – i.e., classroom teachers and paraprofessionals.

6. Encourage professional development for special education and regular education teachers that would familiarize these teachers with the AIMS Web system used by OPI.

7. Encourage more preschool and early childhood workshops at the Educators’ Conference.

8. Regularly update the members of this committee as to progress made accomplishing committee actions.