MEA-MFT Member Rights

We’ve got your back.

Don Jones, Member Rights Director


A big part of MEA-MFT’s mission is making sure our members get fair treatment on the job. MEA-MFT offers member rights and legal assistance in employment-related matters. Every MEA-MFT member has certain contractual and statutory rights, and MEA-MFT is here to protect them.


Our director of member rights administers MEA-MFT’s member rights and legal services program. Working with local MEA-MFT field consultants and, when necessary, retained legal counsel, the director of member rights monitors and assists with cases to ensure the member’s rights are protected in an efficient and cost-effective manner. 


Assistance is available for grievances and unfair labor practices involving such matters as: 

  • Dismissal

  • Discipline

  • Non-renewals

  • Layoffs

  • Assignment of duties

  • Denial of benefits

  • Refusal to bargain in good faith

  • Transfers

  • Working conditions

Certain criminal allegations made against a member are also covered if the charges arise as a direct result of a member’s duties as required under contract.  A false accusation or unfair dismissal can blindside the best employee. If it ever happens to you, you’ll have MEA-MFT on your side.


MEA-MFT has been highly successful in defending its members and protecting every collective bargaining agreement. We also provide training to our local members in advocacy and employee rights.

MEA-MFT Director of Member Rights Don Jones works at our headquarters office in Helena. He can be reached at 406-442-4250 or 800-398-0826. Or email him at

Your first step in getting help protecting your contractual and employment rights is to contact your local MEA-MFT field consultant.