MEA-MFT Field Services

Where the rubber hits the road

MEA-MFT members are dedicated folks who work hard for Montana's people . They deserve fair salaries, benefits, and working conditions.

MEA-MFT’s field consultants provide frontline assistance and training for MEA-MFT members, leaders, and local affiliates across Montana, helping with local bargaining and contract enforcement.

Our 12 field consultants and four associate field staff, in four field offices across the state, directly assist MEA-MFT’s nearly 300 local affiliates. Their expert advice and hands-on assistance are just a phone call or e-mail away.

MEA-MFT field consultants help locals with issues related to bargaining, salary schedules, mediation, fact-finding, grievance arbitrations, local organizing, and contract enforcement.   

Who is my field consultant?
Here is a list of our field staff, where they are located, which MEA-MFT local affiliates they serve, and how to reach them. Service areas can also be found below.

Our field consultants also offer training to local affiliates on more than 40 different topics. To name a few: 

  • membership recruitment and retention 

  • organizing a bargaining team

  • writing proposals and counterproposals 

  • identifying a bargaining strategy 

  • contract enforcement

  • grievance processing 

  • organizing a local mill levy or electoral campaign


Field Staff Service Areas, Field Consultants, and Contact Information

Field Service Area:East
Field Consultant:Maggie Copeland
Contact:406.248.9820 or 800.398.0829
Service Areas
Baker Education Association
Brockton Education Association
Circle Education Association
Culbertson Education Assoc.
Dawson Community College
Ekalaka Education Association
Fairview Education Association
Frazer Education Association
Frontier Education Association
Glendive Education Association
Glendive Fed. of Teachers
Jordan Education Association
Lambert Education Association
Medicine Lake Education Asso.
Nashua Unit of the MEA-MFT
Plentywood Teacher's Assoc.
Plevna Teacher's Association
Poplar Classified Empl. Assoc.
Poplar Education Association
Rau Education Association
Savage Education Association
Scobey Education Association
Sidney Education Association
Terry Education Association*
Wibaux Education Association*
Wolf Point Class. Emp. Assoc.
Wolf Point Education Assoc.

Field Service Area:North Central 2
Field Consultant:Carol Haverlandt
Contact:406.727.5040 or 800.398.0839
Service Areas
Big Flat (Turner) Ed. Assoc.
Big Sandy Teachers Assoc.
Box Elder Classified
Box Elder Education Assoc.
Chinook Education Association
Denton Education Association
Dodson Education Association
Glasgow Education Assoc.
Harlem Classified Empl Assoc.
Harlem Education Association
Harlowton Education Assoc.
Havre Education Association
Havre Paraprofessionals
Malta EA
Malta Classified
Hobson Teachers Association
Judith Gap Education Assoc.
Lewistown Education Assoc.
Little Rocky Mtn Cl Empl (Hays)
Little Rocky Mtn EA (Hays)
Moore Education Unit
Rocky Boy Class. Empl Assoc.
Rocky Boy Education Assoc.
Ulm Education Association

Field Service Area:Northwest 1
Field Consultant:Heather Diehl
Contact:406.721.2928 or 800.398.0836
Service Areas
Arlee Federation of Teachers
Charlo Classified Empl. Assoc.
Eureka Public Schools Classified
Flathead City/County Health Dept.
Fortine Teachers Association
Hot Springs Education Assoc.
Libby Paraeducators Association
Libby Education Association
Libby Office Ed. Personnel Class.
Lower Flathead (Charlo) EA
Missoula County Employees
Noxon Education Association
Plains Classified Empl. Assoc.
Plains Teachers Organization
Polson Classified Empl. Assoc.
Polson Education Assocation
Ronan-Pablo Education Assoc.
St. Regis Education Association
Superior Classified Staff
Superior Education Association
Thompson Falls Class. Employees
Thompson Falls Education Assoc.
Tobacco Valley Unified EA
Trout Creek Teachers Association
Troy Education Association

Field Service Area:Northwest 2
Field Consultant:Tom Burgess
Contact:406.721.2928 or 800.398.0836
Service Areas
Cayuse Prairie Teachers Asso.
Columbia Falls Classified EA
Columbia Falls Teacher Union
Creston Education Assocation
Deer Park Education Association
Evergreen Education Assoc.
Fair-Mont-Egan Teachers Asso.
FVCC Classified Empl. Union
FVCC Education Association
FVCC Adjunct Faculty
Helena Flats Education Assoc.
Kalispell Fed Classified Empl
Kalispell Education Association
Kalispell Maintenance
Kalispell Title I Tutors
Marion Education Organization
MT Veteran's Home
Smith Valley Teachers Assoc.
Somers Classified Empl Assoc.
Somers Education Association
West Glacier Education Assoc.
West Valley Teachers Assoc.
Whitefish Classified
Whitefish Education Association

Field Service Area:Northwest 3
Field Consultant:Melanie Charlson
Contact:406.721.2928 or 800.398.0836
Service Areas
Alberton Education Association
Bigfork Unified Classified Emp.
Bigfork Area Education Assoc.
Bitteroot Co-op Empl Barg. Unit
Bonner Education Association
Corvallis Fed. Of Teachers
Corvallis Classified
Darby Fed. of Support Staff
Darby Federation of Teachers
Florence-Carlton Classified
Florence-Carlton Educ. Assoc.
Frenchtown Classified Empl.
Frenchtown Education Assoc.
Hamilton Classified
Hamilton Unified Teachers
Hellgate Elementary Ed. Assoc.
Lolo Classified Association
Lolo School Education Assoc.
Missoula Education Association
Merged Missoula Classified EO
Missoula Area Special Ed Coop
Potomac Assoc Class Empl
Potomac Education Association
Victor Federation of Teachers

Field Service Area:Northwest 4
Field Consultant:Jeff Howe
Contact:406.721.2928 or 800.398.0836
Service Areas
Columbia Falls Police Officers
Desmet Education Association
Dixon Teacher's Association
Kila Education Association
Lone Rock Unit - EA
Lone Rock School Dist. Classified
Missoula Head Start
Missoula Municipal Inspectors
Missoula City Wastewater Operators
Missoula City Wastewater Chemists
Missoula City Development Services
Missoula Public Library
Missoula Parks and Recreation
Missoula Airport Authority - Building and field
Missoula Airport Authority Public Safety
Missoula County Health Dep't
Missoula County Health Dep't Nurses
Ravalli County Dpty. Attorneys
St Ignatius EA
Stevensville Support Staff
Stevensville Teachers
Target Range EA
Target Range Classified
Whitefish Police Dep't

Field Service Area:South Central 1
Field Consultant:Scott McCulloch
Contact:406.248.9820 or 800.398.0829
Service Areas
Absarokee Education Association
Belfry Education Association
Belfry Education Association
Billings Education Association
Blue Creek Education Assoc.
Canyon Creek Education Assoc.
Columbus Classified Empl Assoc.
Columbus Education Association
Huntley Project School Employees
Huntley Project EA
Elder Grove EA
Independent Education Assoc.
Joliet Education Association
Laurel Unified Education Assoc.
Laurel Classifieds - LUEA
Lockwood MT Education Assoc.
Lockwood Paraprofessionals Assoc.
Park City Affiliated Staff
Pioneer Education Association
Red Lodge Education Association
Shepherd Education Association
Special Services Educ. Assoc.
Sweet Grass Cty High School EA
Yellowstone Education Assoc.
Yellowstone Paras - YEA

Field Service Area:South Central 2
Field Consultant:Jeff Greenfield
Contact:406.248.9820 or 800.398.0829
Service Areas
Ashland Education Assoc.
Big Horn (Hardin) Ed. Assoc.
Big Horn (Hardin) Ed. Assoc.
Billings Classified Empl. Assoc.
Billings School Custodians
Bridger Education Association
Broadus Education Association
Broadview Education Assoc.
Colstrip Classified Association
Colstrip MEA-MFT Unit
Forsyth Education Association
Fromberg Education Assoc.
Hardin Classified Employees
Lame Deer Education Assoc.
Lodge Grass Classified EA
Lodge Grass Education Assoc.
Pryor Education Association
Pryor Classified
Rosebud Teachers Assoc.
Roundup School Empl. Assoc.
Roundup Education Assoc.
Treasure County (Hysham) EA
Wyola Classified Empl. Assoc.
Wyola Education Assocation

Field Service Area:South Central 3
Field Consultant:Joe Dompier
Contact:406.248.9820 or 800.398.0829
Service Areas
Big Horn County Road and Bridge
Billings City Police Officers
Billings City Police Officers
Colstrip City Police Officers
Colstrip City Employees
Custer County Custodians
Dep't of Justice - MHP
Dep't of Justice - Criminal Investigators
Havre City Police
Havre City Dispatch
Hill County Sheriff's
Huntley Project Irrigation District
Livingston City Police
MT Fed. Of Women's Prison
MDT - Motor Carriers
Miles City EA
Miles Community College Faculty
Park County Sheriff's Office
Pine Hills Care and Custody
Pine Hills Nurses and SW
Pine Hillls Teachers
Yellowstone Cty. Courthouse
Yellowston Cty. Sheriff's Deputies

Field Service Area:Southwest 1
Field Consultant:Brian Ehli
Contact:406.442.2123 or 800.423.2803
Service Areas
Belgrade Classified
Belgrade Education Association
Boulder Assoc. of Class. Empl.
Boulder Association of Teachers
Bozeman Education Association
Gal. Rural - Anderson
Gal. Rural - Monforton
Gal. Rural - Big Sky
Gal. Rural - Gallatin Gateway
Jefferson County
Manhattan EA
Prickly Pear Coop
Riverside Youth Correct Faculty
Shields Valley (Clyde Park) EA
Three Forks Teachers Association
Townsend Classified Association
Townsend Education Association
West Yellowstone Educ. Assoc.
White Sulphur Springs EA
Willow Creek Fed. of Teachers

Field Service Area:Southwest 2
Field Consultant:Don Jones
Contact:406.442.2123 or 800.423.2803
Service Areas
Butte Silver Bow LPNs
Butte Silver Bow Pub Empl
Butte Silver Bow Librarians - consolidated
Butte Civic Center Cashiers
Clancy Education Association
Department of Transportation
East Helena Education Assoc.
Lewis and Clrk Co. Road/Bridge
Lewistown City Employees
Montana Mental Health Center
East Helena Support Assoc.
Mining City Head Start
Stanford EA
Warm Springs Craft Council
Warm Springs Indep Union
Warm Springs Professionals

Field Service Area:Southwest 3
Field Consultant:Tammy Harris
Contact:406.442.2123 or 800.423.2803
Service Areas
Butte Secretaries & Clerical
Butte Teachers Union
Grad Empl Org of MSU
Helena Teachers Union (VoTec)
Missoula College of UM
Montana Tech Faculty Assoc.
Montana Youth Challenge Prog.
MT Two Yr College Faculty
Ramsay Fed of Teachers
Tri-County Head Start (Helena)
University Faculty Association
University System Classifieds

Field Service Area:Southwest 4
Field Consultant:Larry Nielsen
Contact:406.442.2123 or 800.423.2803
Service Areas
Beaverhead (Dillon) Educ. Assoc.
Beaverhead Classified Empl.
Beaverhead Fed. of Teachers
Deer Lodge (Elem) Educ. Assoc.
Dillon Elem. Custodial Assoc.
Drummond Teachers Organization
Helena Education & Para's Assoc.
Harrison Education Association
Lima Teachers Association
Montana City Classified
Montana City Education Assoc.
MT Federation of Healthcare Empl
MT Federation of Historical Society
MT State Prison Employees
Phillipsburg United Teach Assoc.
Powell County HS Teachers
Probation and Parole
Seeley Lake Org. of Teachers
Whitehall Federation of Teachers

Field Service Area:Southwest 5
Field Consultant:Jeff Cowee
Contact:406.442.2123 or 800.423.2803
Service Areas
Anaconda TU
Cascade City/County Health
Cascade Unit of MFPE
Clinton Unit of MFPE
City of Dillon Employees
Dillon PD
Dep't of Justice - Communications
Dep't of Justice MHP District Admin
Dept of Justice - Title and Reg Bureau
Dept of Justice- Driver Services/Exam
Great Falls School District
Helena School District
Lewis and Clark County Health
Lincoln Education Assoc.
Madison Valley Unit (Ennis)
Missoula Parking Commission
Montana Lottery
Sheridan Federation of Teachers
Twin Bridges Federation of Teachers
Vaughan Education Association
Vaughan Paraprofessionals

Field Service Area:Southwest 6
Field Consultant:Megan Casey
Contact:406.442.2123 or 800.423.2803
Service Areas
Belgrade School District
Bozeman City Employees
Bozeman School District
Dep't of Agriculture
Dep't of Livestock
Dep't of Labor and Industry
Dep't of Revenue
Dep't of Revenue Liquor WH
Gardiner Teachers Group
Great Falls City Employees
Helena City Dispatch
Livingston Classified Empl. Assoc.
Livingston Education Assoc.
MT Developmental Center PIF/RNS
MT Asso Fish & Wildlife Biologists
Office of Public Instruction
West Yellowstone Police
West Yellowstone Town and Dispatch
Montana State Fund