Amazing Bob Mehlhoff


Rep. Robert “Bob” Mehlhoff of Great Falls is one of 16 MEA-MFT members serving in the 2009 Montana Legislature.


Bob taught math and chemistry for 29 years at Big Sandy High School. He now teaches business math at MSU Great Falls College of Technology.



What I do and why it matters: Teaching math and chemistry is very rewarding as I have an opportunity to mold students. My goal is not only to teach subject matter but more importantly to give students the intangible requirements to succeed in school and life. I talk about goals, self-discipline, and developing a love of learning. These intangibles do not occur in “the standards” but are the key to success in school and life.



Best kind of day on the job: My best day is when all my students are in class and there are no interruptions. A bonus is when my students leave my class better prepared for the future then when they arrived in class.



Why I belong to MEA-MFT: We need an advocate to ensure the best possible environment for my students’ success—ranging from class size to teacher pay.



What I do for fun: I hunt and fish for fun.



What I dream about: Having time to hunt and fish.



Community involvement: Westside Neighborhood Council member and past chairman, member of Great Falls Police Citizen Advisory Board, and I do volunteer work for my church and community.



Good book I’ve read lately. I just read the U.S. and Montana constitutions again. I felt they’re required reading for a legislator. We need to read those documents periodically. I also like reading books by Dr. Michio Kaku, internationally recognized authority in theoretical physics and the environment. Very readable and very interesting for the whole family.


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