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Links to Professional Resources

Great internet links for lesson plans, resources, materials, etc.


NEA Web Page

The National Education Association (NEA) is one of MEA-MFT's two national affiliates. Their web site contains many sources of great information.


NEA Tools & Ideas section

This section of NEA's web site is designed to link teachers with the newest and best on-line resources related to their profession. Also find information about educational research, statistics, and helpful programs for teachers.


AFT Web Page

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is MEA-MFT's other national affiliate. Their site also has lots of resources on many topics for teachers.


AFT Tools for Teachers section
This section of AFT's web site has tons of great resources for teachers.

United States Department of Education Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM)

GEM is a terrific Internet resource for finding lesson plans, strategies, and materials that are instantly accessible and of high quality. Materials searches can be done by grade level and curriculum area, making the site highly user-friendly and efficient.


Global School Net

Creative lesson plans, cross-curricular themes, teacher networks, technology integration ideas, instructional video games, and much, much, more are offered at this Internet site, free of charge. If you're looking for fun ideas and ways to improve student learning in your classroom, don't miss this one.


Teacher Resource Center at UM-Missoula

A great resource center that features Microsoft training, Eisenhower math and science curriculum materials and ideas, as well as terrific links to national resource sites organized by content areas.


Montana Office of Public Instruction

The Office of Public Instruction (OPI) is the state agency that oversees and assists public schools in Montana. They're a great bunch of people, and their web site offers lots of info. Denise Juneau, the head of OPI, is an MEA-MFT member!