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Preparing for a Substitute

Tools for the substitute


Your classroom will run more smoothly and substitutes will love working for you if you leave them data to make their day as your replacement a pleasant one.


Create a Substitute File. Let the school office know exactly where the file is located. Your file should include the following: 

  • Name of VIP's - Principal, school secretary, regular classroom visitors

  • Names of nearby teachers who can help if subs have problems

  • Daily schedule time, day, recesses, etc.

  • Up-to-date seating chart

  • Children with special needs

  • Children who go to special classes & times

  • Where to find texts, lesson plans, supplies

  • Procedures: Openings, Lunch, Dismissal, Fire Drill, Discipline, Privileges, Student Illness

  • Free time

  • Additional information & instructions

If your absence is planned, create specific lesson plans for subs to use. Also have a generic lesson plan or activity that can get a sub through one day in case your absence is not planned -- for example, in case you get sick and you can't get in to create a lesson plan.