First MEA-MFT Republican Caucus meeting

Over 40 MEA-MFT members celebrated the formation of the new MEA-MFT Republican Caucus during the group’s first meeting on April 3, 2009, during the MEA-MFT Representative Assembly.




Participants at the first MEA-MFT Republican Caucus meeting.


MEA-MFT member Cathy Kuntz of Great Falls led the meeting. Kuntz chairs the task force charged by President Eric Feaver with organizing the caucus.


The caucus began with a group of MEA-MFT Republican members who are devoted to the party and to public education, public services, and their union—MEA-MFT. Republican Caucus members advocate for quality education and quality public services within the Republican Party.


MEA-MFT Republican Caucus members were ready to roll up their sleeves to influence the party. “‘Pro-education Republicans’ are not words you often hear together. But with your help, we’re going to change that,” said Bob Carpenter, Republican consultant for the National Education Association.


While the mood was celebratory, caucus members also got down to work. They brain-stormed ways to elect pro-education, pro-public service Republicans and ways to reach out to fellow MEA-MFT Republican members.

Want to join?
Just fill out this form and mail it to: MEA-MFT Republican Caucus, 1232 E 6th Ave, Helena, MT 59601 or send an e-mail to for a form you can fill out electronically and return to MEA-MFT via e-mail.