Karen Lewis hosts table at state Republican Convention

MEA-MFT member Karen Lewis, a member of the MEA-MFT Republican Caucus Task Force, attended the Montana Republican Convention in summer 2009.


There, she hosted an MEA-MFT Republican Caucus table, decorated the table with an MEA-MFT banner, MEA-MFT Republican Caucus coffee cups, and fact sheets.


She said, “It was awesome—I should have had a camera to take photos of people’s faces. One woman thought she was in the wrong place for the convention when she saw the MEA-MFT table. People were really taken with this idea. It was exhilarating. People took cups for themselves and their family members who are teachers. People would talk and talk.”


Karen told people, “It’s crazy for Republicans to be the enemy of public education. It’s our common interest—we’re all here for the future of our kids—who can argue with that?” She had just two negative people stop by. She told them, “Isn’t it great we live in America” where we can disagree.


Karen won the convention raffle and when she went up to get the prize, the announcer said to the convention, “This is Karen Lewis and she’s here making a difference in our views of unions and public education.”


Follow-up: The Pachdyrm Clubs in Missoula and Kalispell would like to have a speaker come to explain more about MEA-MFT and our Republican Caucus—a great opportunity for outreach to the Republican Party.