MEA-MFT Republican Caucus


Republican Caucus news
Karen Lewis hosts MEA-MFT Republican Caucus table at 2009 Montana Republican Convention. Read more.

Jesse Barnhart and Lee Deming attend third annual National Education Associations Republican Leaders’ Conference. Read more.

First MEA-MFT Republican Caucus meeting held. Over 40 MEA-MFT Republican Caucus members attend. Read more.


About the Caucus
The MEA-MFT Republican Caucus is a group of MEA-MFT members who are devoted to the Republican Party and to public education, public services, and their union--MEA-MFT.


Republican Caucus members advocate for quality education and quality public services within the Republican Party. All Republican MEA-MFT members are invited to join the Caucus.


Caucus goals
1. To provide MEA-MFT Republican members with ways to be involved, included, and recognized in the political process.

2. To build Republican Party support for education and public services through MEA-MFT Republican Caucus involvement in the political process and the Republican Party.


To join
Please fill out this form and mail it to: MEA-MFT Republican Caucus, 1232 East Sixth Avenue, Helena, MT 59601 or send an e-mail to for a form you can fill out electronically and return to MEA-MFT via e-mail.


Caucus Task Force
MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver appointed these Republican members to guide formation of the caucus:

  • Chair Cathy Kuntz, Great Falls Education Association

  • Karen Lewis, Retired MEA-MFT, Helena

  • Brad Persinger, Glasgow Education Association

  • Pam Bredberg, Bozeman Education Association


From left: Brad Persinger, Pam Bredberg, Cathy Kuntz, Karen Lewis.



Questions about the MEA-MFT Republican Caucus?


Contact MEA-MFT Republican Caucus Chair Cathy Kuntz (, or MEA-MFT Political Director Terry Minow (, 800-398-0826, or 442-4250).