Rick Hill: a clone of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker?

Oct. 23, 2012


Ex-Congressman Rick Hill wants to be Montana’s next governor. And he wants Montana to look more like Wisconsin.


Rick Hill, the Republican candidate for governor of Montana, admires Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He praises Walker’s policies in Wisconsin. He invited Walker to come to Montana to raise money for him. And Walker obliged Hill by headlining a Kalispell fundraiser for Hill October 11.



Scenes from the Kalispell rally against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Oct. 11

In response, hundreds of MEA-MFT members, other union folks, retirees, and community members from Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Missoula, and elsewhere gathered in Kalispell to protest Scott Walker’s visit.


Why? They don’t want Montana to follow Wisconsin. Here’s what Wisconsin looks like after two years of Scott Walker’s policies:


Walker's Wisconsin: Not in Montana!

War on public employees: Governor Scott Walker took away the right of many public employees to collectively bargain over changes in working conditions and compensation packages. Then he increased their out-of-pocket health insurance and pension costs.
Refused to listen: Gov. Walker ignored Wisconsin citizens to such a degree that hundreds of thousands of them gathered on the Wisconsin capitol lawn in the icy winter of 2011 to protest his tyrannical rule.
Bad for education: Under Gov. Scott Walker, school districts have received $1.6 billion less than they would have under prior law – “the greatest cut to education since the Great Depression.” [WI Legislative Fiscal Bureau, 3/15/2011; WI Dept. of Public Instruction, 2/28/2011] As a result, Wisconsin now has more than 2,000 fewer educators working in schools than in 2011.
• Bad for educators: Under Gov. Scott Walker, the average teacher lost between $4,000 and $5,000 in take-home pay. [WI Legislative Fiscal Bureau, 3/15/2011]
• Bad for jobs: Gov. Walker’s policies caused Wisconsin to have the lowest new job creation rate of any state in the country AND the greatest loss in existing jobs.


Steve Bullock, MEA-MFT’s endorsed candidate for governor of Montana, has a very different vision.


Steve Bullock staunchly supports public employees and the important work they do.


Steve Bullock will fight to protect your workplace and collective bargaining rights.


Steve Bullock has a plan to create Montana jobs, not destroy them like Scott Walker did.


Steve Bullock passionately believes in public education and entrusts his three small children to Montana’s public school teachers and school support staff.


Who needs a Scott Walker clone when we can elect Steve Bullock?


Read more about Steve Bullock and how he and Rick Hill compare.


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