Urgent: ask these legislators to change their votes on charter schools



HB 315 – Charter Schools – will stand for 3d reading in the House tomorrow, Feb 12. 

It passed the House today by only 7 votes. 


What HB 315 does: HB 315 creates a convoluted, bureaucratic parallel universe of so-called “public” charter schools, that would in fact be “public” in name only.


HB 315 sells public schools to the highest bidder, a bidder that might be an international corporation with offices in Chicago or Singapore.


HB 315 permits an elected board of trustees to convert its entire school to a charter school that may or may not be held accountable to the local school district taxpayers and electorate.


HB 315 allows a newly authorized charter school to eliminate an existing union of employees and their collectively bargained agreement.


HB 315 invites unaccountable distance learning operatives without a single employee in Montana to take public dollars and create their own statewide educational enterprises.


HB 315 authorizes charter schools to employ just about anybody they might want to teach -- no license required. The bill is unconstitutional. It's not a made-in-Montana idea -- HB 315 comes from a national template that would cause huge problems in Montana.


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