Teacher Appreciation Week

We celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week every year during the first full week of May, thanks to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who persuaded the 81st Congress to recognize the contributions of America’s public school teachers in 1953.

Every year, during National Teacher Appreciation Week, schools and communities come together to organize a variety of events, celebrating teachers, including appreciation breakfasts, surprising teachers with small thank-you gifts, and hosting teacher recruitment events.

Supported by NEA and AFT’s more than four million members, the annual celebration of teachers has two main goals:

1. To thank America’s teachers for their commitment to students and for their work to create great public schools for every student.

2. To encourage bright, talented people to consider the rewarding and intellectually demanding profession of teaching. It takes very special talent and commitment to be a good teacher. Teachers do more than teach—they wear many hats—nurse, coach, social worker, nutritionist, just to name a few. 

Teachers listen and often provide a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold. They are highly qualified individuals who heal, nurture, love, mentor, comfort and motivate students 24/7. 

Thank you, teachers!

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