NEA now recognizes all MEA-MFT members

July 6 - Message from MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver: 


I am pleased to report that today, delegates to the NEA representative assembly adopted a constitutional amendment that permits us to recognize ALL our MEA-MFT members as members of NEA.
This action corrects a great inequity that has existed since our merger 10 years ago.  When we merged, AFT recognized ALL our members.  But NEA only recognized our members directly engaged in education. 
But, now, effective immediately, ALL MEA-MFT members will be members of both AFT and NEA.
This is a great victory.  We value all our members.  We are delighted NEA does, too.
Please know that even as all our members are now members of NEA as well as AFT, no one pays double dues.  NEA and AFT will share member dues dollars as they have for all education employee members for the past 10 years.




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