MEA-MFT delegates home from NEA Rep Assembly

MEA-MFT members joined their colleagues from across the nation in Atlanta, GA during the first week of July to supercharge the drive for public education and student success. They met with thousands of other union members/educators for the National Education Association's Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly (RA).


One full day at RA focused on professional rejuvenation and educator empowerment with the kick-off of the new “Raise Your Hand for Public Education” Campaign. The Raise Your Hand campaign is built on the foundation of truth that educators – not politicians or self-proclaimed “reform” experts – know what works in the classroom, and they are the ones to lead and act for student success.


“We must empower our members to create change,” NEA President Dennis Van Roekel told some 9,000 delegates who attended the gathering.


“Some [people] don’t like the Association’s focus on quality in the classroom and in schools. But if we don’t empower educators to take control of how to define quality, then who will? Congress? Governors? State politicians? Michelle Rhee? Maybe the Koch Brothers?” asked Van Roekel referring to the billionaire businessmen whose money has funded scores of recent anti-worker efforts. “No,” he continued. “It must be us!”


Watch key highlights, including remarks by NEA President Dennis Van Roekel, and learn more details of the campaign.


More from the 2013 NEA RA:


•NEA Executive Director John Stocks makes an impassioned call for members to fight for excellence and equity during his speech.


GPS Network -  find out what's behind the buzz on NEA's newest online tool for educators. Also watch a testimonial video


Delegates Get the Goods for their Classrooms  - from the 21st Century Learning Innovation Center to the NEA HIN Hall of Health, the 2013 NEA Annual Meeting Expo was buzzing on its first day open as delegates learned about products, technologies and services that will help their students learn.


Outreach to Teach  - More than 400 NEA members put in a full day and lots of sweat equity to spruce up Thomasville Heights Elementary in southeast Atlanta as part of the 17th “Outreach to Teach” community service project sponsored each year by the NEA Student program. Take an online tour of the transformation of Thomasville Heights Elementary School in our photo slideshow.


•Coverage of the 2013 Human and Civil Rights Awards gala.


Senator Patty Murray (Washington) receives 2013 Friend of Education Award.


•Education Support Professional of the Year Donna Schulze (Maryland) calls for members to "Get In the Game!"  


National Teacher of the Year Jeff Charbonneau (Washington) addresses fellow educators at NEA convention, tells what motivates him, and says, "Rather than succumb to the notion that we are failing, we must celebrate the quality education that we are providing while strengthening our resolve to further improve. Despite what we read in the paper, students and teachers across the nation are achieving in countless ways. It is time for us to recognize that public education is succeeding.”


•Gov. Jerry Brown (California) named America’s Greatest Education Governor, honored for his unwavering support of students and public education. “When times got tough in California, Gov. Brown resisted the temptation to balance the state’s budget on the backs of students and educators,” said NEA President Dennis Van Roekel.


NEA teams with Atlanta Braves for Read-In.


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