MEA-MFT COPE members endorse Mike McGrath for chief justice


November 12, 2015

Contact: Eric Feaver, MEA-MFT President, 406-442-4250

MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver announced today that MEA-MFT's Committee On Political Education (COPE) has endorsed Chief Justice Mike McGrath for re-election to the Montana Supreme Court.

MEA-MFT is Montana’s largest labor union, representing 18,000 public employees, including k-12 public school teachers, specialists, and support personnel.

The 34 members of MEA-MFT’s Committee On Political Education (COPE) live and work in communities all across Montana and represent all of MEA-MFT’s membership groups. They include Republicans and Democrats. COPE members endorsed McGrath after an extensive candidate interview. 

“Our COPE members unanimously voted to endorse Mike for re-election because he has proven himself as a fair and hard-working justice who bases decisions on the facts, the law, and the constitution,” Feaver said.

A native of Butte, McGrath is a veteran who served in the Air Force. He was elected to five terms as Lewis and Clark County attorney and served two terms as Montana attorney general. 

In 2008, Montanans elected McGrath to an eight-year term as chief justice of the Montana Supreme Court. He is seeking a second term as chief justice in Montana’s 2016 election.

“Mike McGrath has earned a reputation for honesty, leadership, and fairness,” Feaver said. “He’s nonpartial and nonpartisan. He has dedicated his life to serving the people of Montana. Those are the reasons Montanans elected him, and it’s why we need to re-elect him.”


MEA-MFT represents 18,000 k-12 teachers and school support staff, Head Start employees, state and county employees, university faculty, and private-sector health care providers working in communities all across Montana. MEA-MFT is a merged affiliate of the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers and is the largest affiliate of the Montana State AFL-CIO.

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