Denise Juneau earns MEA-MFT endorsement for U.S. Representative

For immediate release: February 26, 2016

Contact: Eric Feaver, MEA-MFT President, 406-442-4250

MEA-MFT, Montana’s largest labor union, has announced that its Committee On Political Education (COPE) has endorsed Denise Juneau in the race for Montana’s sole representative in the U.S. House.

MEA-MFT is 18,000 Montana employees working in state and local government, k-12 public schools, Montana university system, Head Start, and private sector health care. The union’s COPE members represent all membership types and include Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

The union endorsed Juneau following an extensive candidate interview.

“As Montana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Denise Juneau has proven herself an outstanding champion for public education and for working families,” said MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver.

“She has also proven her capacity to lead our state in a progressive way. Even when Montana was compelled to comply with federal education law, Denise made it work for Montana kids. She pushed back against federal policies that don’t make sense in our state. As a result of her leadership, Montana public schools didn’t suffer the outrageous things that happened in New York, Indiana, and other states due to the federal No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top policies.”

Feaver noted that Juneau has also raised Montana’s academic standards, raised Montana’s high school graduation to the highest rate ever recorded, and fought to keep public schools public.

“Denise knows how to bring people together to get things done,” he said. “Her Graduation Matters Montana initiative is a case in point. It brings together parents, students, business leaders, community members, and educators to work toward a common goal – getting every Montana student through high school ready to succeed. It has been a phenomenal success. That’s the kind of leadership we need in Montana and the nation.”

Feaver continued, “Denise knows how to make things work in a rural, local control state like Montana, where people want to be free of rigid federal dictates. She’ll take that ability to Congress. She speaks with great clarity, conviction, and experience for our rural state -- a natural resource and agricultural state with excellent public schools and sound fiscal policy.”


MEA-MFT represents 18,000 k-12 teachers and school support staff, Head Start employees, state and county employees, university faculty, and private-sector health care providers working in communities all across Montana. MEA-MFT is a merged affiliate of the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers and is the largest affiliate of the Montana State AFL-CIO.

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